Submit a Request to the Department of Revenue for Taxpayer-Specific Records

Learn how you can access your own tax records from the Department of Revenue.

If you are the taxpayer, or a person with a Power of Attorney (POA)  for a taxpayer, then you may request taxpayer-specific records (for example, copies of tax returns, or an audit file) by emailing the request (and if you are not the taxpayer, then also a copy of the Power of Attorney) to the email address below.

If you are a U.S. government department or agency, then in some circumstances you may administratively subpoena quarterly wage records for a particular employer or employee.  

Send your request together with your POA or send your federal agency administrative subpoena to the following email address:

Please keep in mind that the Department does not keep records past a certain time, and may not necessarily still have what you are asking for.


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