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Connect with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) with MassTaxConnect, by email, phone or in person.

Updated: April 28, 2022

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Check tax refund status

Check the status of your Personal Income Tax refund on MassTaxConnect. 

You do not have to be registered with MassTaxConnect to use this feature but will need:

  • SSN or ITIN
  • Refund Amount.

To access from MassTaxConnect's home screen, select "Where's My Refund?" under Individuals.

MassTaxConnect's Individuals section on its home screen

You may also access by visiting the Check the status of your tax refund page.

When your refund is approved, you will see the date your refund was direct-deposited or mailed.

With MassTaxConnect

For questions about your tax account, log in to MassTaxConnect and send us a message. Confidential information and inquires can be submitted with MassTaxConnect. 

If you are not registered with MassTaxConnect, choose “Register a new taxpayer” under Quick Links.

For MassTaxConnect information, visit:

If you need to reset your password or recover your username, select "Forgot username or password?" under Log in on MassTaxConnect's home screen. 

Close up image of MassTaxConnect's Log in screen


By email

DOR welcomes feedback and general questions. However, to safeguard your privacy, please do not send confidential taxpayer information (e.g., Social Security number(s), tax liability amounts or other taxpayer-specific information). Confidential information and inquires can be submitted with MassTaxConnect. 

DOR is not responsible if emailed information is accessed by third parties.

To send DOR a general question by email, select one of the following topics:

By phone

Tax Department: Contact Center hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. (617) 887-6367 or (800) 392-6089 (toll-free in Massachusetts)

Child Support Services: Child Support hours are 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. (617) 660-1234 or (800) 332-2733 (toll-free in Massachusetts)

Division of Local Services: For contact information, visit the DLS Staff Directory. To receive the latest news, sign up for DLS Alerts.

For a complete listing of DOR phone numbers, visit Who to call at DOR.

In person


If you are unable to resolve your tax issue using the resources above, call (617) 887-6367 to request an in-person or virtual appointment.

Upon request, the virtual option may resolve some tax issues and eliminate the need to travel.

Since availability may be limited, we recommend that you use the references on this page before calling to request an appointment.

Child Support

DOR’s Child Support offices in Boston, Springfield, Taunton, Woburn, and Worcester and are open to walk-ins.

Visit Child Support's homepage for walk-in hours, and how to contact Child Support online or by phone.

Boston Springfield Taunton Woburn Worcester Hyannis
No walk-in hours
No walk-in hours

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