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Substance Use and Addictions Training & Workforce Development

Information and resources for individuals and educators working in substance use prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery support across the Commonwealth

Training and Continuing Education

BSAS sponsors trainings, conferences, forums, and other continuing education events through a contract with AdCare Educational Institute, Inc.

These events are open to anyone working in substance use prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery support across the Commonwealth. You can check AdCare's training calendar to find upcoming events and register on line.

The following organizations also contract with BSAS to provide trainings for the substance addiction providers in MA:

BSAS also partners with the Addiction Technology Transfer Center of New England and the New England Institute of Addictions Studies. Both the ATTC and NEIAS provide workforce development and training information and events across the region. NEIAS runs the New England School of Addictions and Prevention Studies (NESAS) and School of Best Practices every summer. ATTC offers free trainings on NIDA Blending Products, as well as a variety of online CEU courses, throughout the year.

  • Careers of Substance
    Careers of Substance is a central resource for anyone involved in preventing, intervening in, treating, and supporting recovery from addictions in Massachusetts.

For Individual Learners and Organizations

AdCare Educational Institute
AdCare Educational Institute offers a complete calendar of trainings and conferences related to substance use, addiction, and other public health issues. Trainings on Basic and Advanced Competencies as well as Evidence Based Practices are offered throughout the year.

Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC)
ATTC is a nationwide, multidisciplinary resource that draws upon the knowledge, experience and latest work of recognized experts in the field of addictions.

Cape Cod Symposium

Center for Social Innovations - Praxis

MASBIRT Training and Technical Assistance (TTA)
MASBIRT TTA trains medical providers, behavioral health providers, public health service providers, and healthcare support staff to conduct Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) services to address the spectrum of unhealthy substance use (i.e., alcohol, prescription drug, illicit drug, tobacco).

Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health
MCGH offers regional one-day trainings, online trainings, and an annual conference on understanding, assessing and treating compulsive gambling.

New England Institute of Addiction Studies (NEIAS)
The New England Institute of Addiction Studies is dedicated to the education of professionals, volunteers, and the general public concerning alcohol and drug prevention and treatment issues.

For Educators

In order for individuals to be eligible for LADC licensure, they must complete specific education related to substance use and addictions. Programs providing this education must be approved by the Bureau to ensure that their students will be eligible for licensure. Visit our Alcohol & Drug Counselor (LADC) and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program Licensing page for more information. 

Becoming a BSAS Approved Addiction Education Provider-Overview

Instructions for Addiction Education Provider Approval

Application for Addiction Education Provider Approval

Workforce Development

In 2010, the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS) developed a Substance Use and Addictions Workforce and Organizational Development Strategic Plan (DOC). The recommendations and links within the document are intended to be used by individual and institutional stakeholders to prompt action at all levels.