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Substance Use Prevention Information for Parents

As a parent, you have a huge influence on your child’s decisions. It’s a fact—children whose parents talk to them about the risks of alcohol and other drugs are much less likely to use them.

Protect Your Kids from Prescription Drug Misuse

Alcohol Use and Your Kids

Marijuana and Your Kids

Inhalant Abuse

Overdose Prevention and Access to Naloxone (Narcan)

Intervention, Treatment and, Recovery Resources for your Child

Additional Resources

All resources can be ordered free-of-charge from the Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse

  • A Parent's Guide: Preventing Inhalant Abuse Among Children and Teens  
    This parent-friendly booklet gives parents information about how to prevent the dangerous behavior of inhalant abuse.  Safer products effective strategies and free resources are highlighted
  • Talking To Your Middle School-Aged Child About Alcohol Tobacco And Other Drugs  
    This brochure is intended to help parents protect their pre-teen children from alcohol, tobacco, and other substance abuse.  Topics include: how to start the conversation, how to set family rules around no use of substances, facts about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and warning signs to watch for
  • Preparing Your Young Children for a Healthy, Drug-Free Future  
    This booklet for parents of 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, includes information and tips on how to safeguard children from alcohol or other drug use in the future.  It includes suggestions for modeling healthy behavior, building strong relationships and parent-child communication, and monitoring children's activities.  
  • 7 Ways to Protect Your Teen from Alcohol and other Drugs  
    This booklet helps parents explore ways to prevent teen drinking and other drug use.  It weaves together scientific information with stories and observations from professionals, students, and parents.
  • Preventing Underage Drinking... Priceless  
    This brochure (available in English or Spanish) addresses the consequences of providing alcohol to minors. It includes an action plan for parents and questions and answers about the social host law.
  • Preventing Substance Abuse Starts at Home: Safeguarding Your Children  
    This brochure (available in English or Spanish) demonstrates how to help prevent children from abusing substances commonly found in the home.
  • Know the Signs of Overdose  
    This wallet card provides information on opioid overdose prevention and treatment. It describes the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose rescue breathing techniques and other emergency procedures. Resource numbers and websites are also included.


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