Trial Court job application general information

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Trial Court job application process.

The Massachusetts Judicial Branch is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Applying online

With the new online applicant tracking system (ATS), all candidates must apply online. No paper applications will be accepted by fax, email, hand, or postal service. After candidates submit their applications using the ATS, the Human Resources Department will screen all applications and forward them to the appropriate appointing authority.

Accessing the ATS: The ATS is accessed through the Jobs with the Courts System page. Click on the appropriate "Search jobs online" button (depending on whether you are an internal or external candidate) to view open jobs in the online applicant tracking system.

External postings: Any qualified person may apply to an external posting, this includes current Trial Court employees.

Computer/internet access: You will need to have computer and internet access to apply through the ATS. If you do not have your own computer, you can use your local library, or a Trial Court Law Library. The Trial Court hopes to have computer kiosks available in various courthouses in the Commonwealth in the near future.

Email addresses: You may still apply without an email address, but it is strongly recommended you have one, as that is how you will receive notice regarding the status of your application. You can create a free email account at many online sites, including:;;;;;; or

Helpful resources: View the how to complete your online application questions and answers resource in the additional resources section below.

Additional Resources for


  • All candidates must apply online using the ATS.
  • Applicants must apply during the posting period for the job. Applications submitted after the posting period has ended will not be accepted.
  • Resumes are required for some, but not all Trial Court positions. The job posting will let you know whether it is required or not. There is a place to upload your resume in the online applicant tracking system.
  • Only applicants who meet the minimum qualifications of the job at the time it is posted will be considered for the position.

Personal information and confidentiality

Applicant information gathered by the Applicant Tracking System is used for the sole purpose of candidate selection for employment opportunities at the Massachusetts Trial Court. Only staff of the Human Resources Department and local appointing authorities will have access to this information. A job applicant's personal information will be used for no other reason than candidate selection and if this information is not subject to record retention requirements of the Trial Court Personnel Policies and Manual (Sec. 4.500), it will be scheduled for deletion from the Applicant Tracking System, and entirely purged from our records.

Only the Human Resources Department and the appointing authority for the position vacancy will see the applications for the candidates who applied for the position. Managers and department heads are not notified that internal candidates are applying for other positions. The appointing authority will receive these applications once the Human Resources Department has screened them.

Appointing authorities

Appointing authorities may receive all applications received from the posting. These applications will be made available to appointing authorities separated into "bins" of applicants such as:

  1. Does not meet the minimum qualifications
  2. Meets the minimum qualifications
  3. Recommended for interview

Appointing authorities cannot accept paper applications from employees or other potential applicants. All applicants must apply using the online applicant tracking system during the timeframe the job vacancy is posted.

All previous paper Trial Court Employment Applications should be recycled. They can no longer be used to apply for Trial Court positions.