Tunnel emergency awareness

Save your life . . . not your car!

Public safety is a priority at MassDOT. Please follow these important safety tips when traveling through our tunnels.

The tunnels are monitored by the Highway Operations Center on a twenty-four hour basis by personnel and a range of technology. State Police and MassDOT first responders are strategically located throughout the tunnel system. This allows us to respond to incidents as soon as possible.


When Entering A Tunnel:

  • Stay alert!

  • Turn on your headlights

  • Obey all signs and signals

  • Listen to media for traffic updates

  • Do not enter if you notice smoke near the entrance or if your car is smoking or burning

  • Maintain a safe driving distance

  • Hazardous Materials are always prohibited, including propane

In Congested Traffic:

  • Listen to media for updates

  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, even if traffic is moving slowly

  • Note the location of emergency exits

  • Follow the instructions of MassDOT officials, State Police, and message signs

If you are in an Accident or Disabled Vehicle in the Tunnels:

  • Pull to side of the road, if you can

  • Activate your hazard flashing lights

  • Call 911 and follow instructions

  • Stay in your vehicle if it is safe to do so

  • Wait for emergency responders for assistance

If There's A Fire:

  • Stop, turn off the engine, and exit your vehicle

  • To assist emergency personnel, please leave your keys in the vehicle

  • For your safety leave your belongings in the vehicle

  • Call 911

  • Follow the instructions of Fire Department, State Police, MassDOT officials, and message signs

  • Exit at the nearest tunnel entrance, unless directed otherwise

  • Assist others if you can

  • Please Remember - Fire and Smoke Can Kill!