Useful Links for Local Housing Authorities



Commonwealth of Massachusetts

• Massachusetts General Law c.121B – Housing and Urban Renewal  –

• Open Meeting Law Guide –

• State Code of Conduct of Public Officials and Employees  –

• State Ethics Training –

• State Code of Conduct of Public Officials and Employees –

• Chapter 30B Manual, Goods and Services Procurement –

• Central Register Forms – To advertise construction and design projects –

• Prevailing Wage Program –

• Designing and Constructing Public Facilities Manual, a how-to for public bidding of construction projects –

• Public Records Law –

• State Sanitary Code –



Facility-level data re: state public housing, including c. 200, c. 667, and certain c. 705 developments

• DHCD’s website

• DHCD Regulations: Code of Massachusetts Regulations 760 CMR

• DHCD Public Housing Programs

• DHCD regularly releases Public Housing Administration Notices (PHNs) online



• United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) –


Outside DHCD

In addition to DHCD and HUD, there are several organizations focused on public and affordable housing across the Commonwealth that can serve as useful resources:

• Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) –

• Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) –

• The Massachusetts Chapter of  the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (MassNAHRO) –

• MassHousing –

• MassUnion –


Documents of Interest

• Training Manual for Local Housing Authority Board Members

• The Commissioner’s Handbook from Mass NAHRO – available from MassNAHRO

• Protecting the Commonwealth’s Investment, CHAPA –


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