Where to saltwater fish in Massachusetts

Unsure where to fish? This page includes a map of boat ramp locations in the state.

Find the nearest boat ramp

With more than 1,500 miles of coastline, Massachusetts offers a variety of places to fish. This FBA Boat Ramp Viewer lists boat launches, boat ramps, fishing piers, and shore-side fishing areas in both saltwater and freshwater. The list is maintained by the Office of Fishing & Boating Access (FBA) and includes most sites supported by the Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF).

Important information about the FBA Boat Ramp Viewer:

  • All the ramps in this map are either state, private, or municipally-managed. Many ramps charge fees. Some have residency requirements. We've tried to categorize access requirements to these facilities clearly. 
  • Many ramps have practical limitations that may not be apparent from their description. For instance, some ramps are not practical for boats of certain sizes. There is no substitute for local knowledge.
  • The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only. DMF is not responsible for the condition or usefulness of launching facilities in the Commonwealth. You assume certain risk when you launch and retrieve vessels from any launch facility.


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