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Electronic Filing Rules

Supreme Judicial Court Rules Massachusetts Rules of Electronic Filing Rule 1: Scope

Table of Contents

(a) Scope

These Rules of Electronic Filing (E-Filing Rules) shall govern the general procedures of electronic filing and service of documents in the participating Massachusetts trial and appellate courts, as supplemented by any procedures specified by a court or a court department relating to its particular case types and requirements. To the extent that any Massachusetts Court Rules and Orders concerning conventional filing methods are inconsistent with these rules, the E-Filing Rules shall govern.

(b) Court record

The official court record in a case shall include electronic records or scanned records pertaining to that case, together with any documents and exhibits filed under the conventional method, which the clerk may convert into a designated electronic format.

(c) Use of these rules

All filers shall become familiar with these E-Filing Rules and all training and documentation materials provided for use by the Provider or the court(s).

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