Supreme Judicial Court Rules
Electronic Filing Rules

Supreme Judicial Court Rules Massachusetts Rules of Electronic Filing Rule 14: Orders and judgments

Adopted Date: 06/07/2018
Effective Date: 09/01/2018
Updates: Adopted June 7, 2018, effective September 1, 2018 (480 Mass. 1301)

Table of Contents

(a) Orders and judgments may be electronically signed

The assigned judge or clerk may electronically sign all orders, judgments, and notifications.

(b) Electronic signatures shall have the force of conventional signatures

Any order signed electronically has the same force and effect as if the judge or clerk had affixed his/her signature to a paper copy of the order and it had been entered on the docket in the conventional method.

(c) Clerk may enter orders by text-only entry

A clerk may enter orders, issued by a judge or clerk as the case may be, by a text-only entry upon the docket. The text-only entry shall constitute the court's only order on the matter.

(d) Notification

All Users and Non-Registered Participants of record in the case will receive notification either electronically or by conventional methods.

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