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Supreme Judicial Court Rules Massachusetts Rules of Electronic Filing Rule 3: Eligibility and conditions of registration

Adopted Date: 06/07/2018
Effective Date: 09/01/2018
Updates: Adopted June 7, 2018, effective September 1, 2018 (480 Mass. 1301)

Table of Contents

(a) Eligibility

Participation in the Electronic Filing Program shall be determined by order of the particular department or court. In general, registration for the Electronic Filing Program may include:

(1) Attorneys who are members of the Massachusetts Bar.

(2) Attorneys who are admitted to practice in a Massachusetts court pro hac vice.

(3) Self-represented parties.

(4) Any non-party who is seeking or has obtained permission of the court to participate in the case (e.g., a witness seeking a protective order, an intervenor, amicus curiae, or court investigator).

(b) Registration

Registration is accomplished by completing the online e-filing system registration, a link to which is available on the Provider's website. An e-mail address will be required for registration.

(1) Attorneys who are members of the Massachusetts Bar shall register for a firm account and furnish their primary business e-mail address on file with the Board of Bar Overseers, and shall keep their account e-mail up to date.

(2) Non-attorneys who are representing themselves and attorneys who are not members of the Massachusetts Bar shall register for a self-represented account, unless otherwise ordered.

(3) An attorney representing him or herself shall register for a self-represented account with a unique e-mail address.

(c) Law firm or agency registration

The Provider shall allow a firm or agency administrator to register a central account profile on behalf of a firm or agency's multiple Users. Once an administrator has completed this central registration, the administrator can add additional Users to that account.

(d) Conditions of registration

By registering, the User acknowledges that:

(1) Registration shall constitute consent to receipt of Provider notifications, electronic court notifications, and e-service in all cases.

(2) It is the User's responsibility to ensure that the court and the Provider have the User's correct e-mail address at all times. Users shall update the Provider within 7 days of any change in the information provided at registration.

(e) User ID

The e-mail address provided during registration will serve as a unique User ID.

(f) User password

At registration the User must designate a unique password in accordance with the specifications given by the Provider. Users may reset their password for the e-filing system at any time.

(g) Confidentiality of user ID and password

The combination of the User ID and password shall be used only by the User and any other person that the User authorizes. Use of the User ID and password shall be deemed authorized by the User. Users should contact the court if they believe a filing was submitted falsely under their User ID.

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