Welcome to the Massachusetts Water Conservation Toolkit

Why Conserve MA Water

The simple answer is so that we have enough when we need it. By conserving water, we minimize those periods where water scarcity is a problem and ensure there is enough for our people, our wildlife and the environment — now and in the future.


Practicing good water conservation habits now will make it easier to adjust to water shortages and ensure more water is available when we need it most.


Here, municipal water suppliers and commissioners, planners, conservation commissions and land-use board members will find guidance and resources for incorporating effective water conservation into their municipal roles and responsibilities.

Industrial, Commercial & Institutional

Commercial businesses, corporate offices, manufacturing plants, restaurants, universities, hospitals all need water. How can they improve efficiency?


From the cranberry bogs of Lakeville to the apple orchards of the Berkshires, the dairies, nurseries and crop farms in between, all depend critically on water. Agricultural water conservation strategies can help ensure their sustainability.


Massachusetts schools and teachers play a critical role in the future of water conservation by helping students become more aware of water as a precious natural resource and by providing ways to take an active role in conserving it. 

Interactive Water Conservation Tools

Use these interactive tools, to learn more about water conservation.

Library of Outreach Materials

Here you can download from our library of outreach materials.