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Drought Tips, Tools & Resources

Learn how you can help yourself and your community by saving water. On this page you will find outreach material and resources that can be easily downloaded and used either as is or by adding your logo to the materials. Residents can also find information on private wells.

Table of Contents

Drought Alerts

Current City and Town Water Restrictions

MassDEP regularly updates this map and list during the monitoring season (normally May 1 through Sep. 30). 

Current city and town water restrictions table

What should communities do during a drought?

Tips for Saving Water

Find great tips for indoor and outdoor water conservation on the Conserve MA Water site. 

water saving tips outdoor

Download - Water savings tips outdoor

water saving tips indoor.

 Download - Water savings tips indoor

Information for Private Well Owners

During a drought, wells and surface water bodies can drop to low levels because there is less water to draw from the ground. Your water supply could likely be affected if the drought continues.

Learn more about how private well owners can conserve water and make an impact on your own water supply as well as the community's water supply. Find out what to do if your well has gone dry as well as troubleshooting of common issues and solutions encountered by private well owners during a drought.  

More Information About Private Wells

Social Media Resources

Drought Management

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