Guide 2019 MA Safe Jobs for Youth Poster Contest

The 2019 MA Safe Jobs for Youth Poster Contest sponsored by the Massachusetts Youth Employment and Safety Team (YES Team) and the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH) has come to a close. Massachusetts teens aged 14 to 19 applied their knowledge about workplace safety and health through 216 creative posters that highlighted the importance of workplace safety and health for teens. See the ten finalists’ posters below!

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2019 winners

Shape up. Look up. Speak up.
2019 winner was created by Elizabeth Trull
  1. First place went to Elizabeth Trull (17), of Rockland: Shape up. Look up. Speak up.
  2. Second place went to Oliver Leventhal (16), of Arlington: Youth have rights
  3. Third place went to Ethan Dollarhide (16), of Fall River: Teens at work. Teens at risk.
Collage of the ten poster contest finalists
2019 poster contest finalists

    Honorable Mentions:

    Why a poster contest?

    Poster contest collage
    Past poster submissions

    Jobs provide youth with opportunities to gain experience, explore different careers, and make some money. Unfortunately many teens are injured on the job. In fact, teens have nearly double the rate of work-related injuries than adults. The Young Workers Injury Surveillance and Prevention Project at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has been collecting data since 1993 to better understand where and how teens are being injured so that we can work with partners to prevent future injuries. Some things we’ve learned from talking with teens about workplace health and safety is that many are not receiving adequate health and safety training from their employers; many teens are working without adequate supervision; and many teens expect to have permanent effects from these injuries that occur at work.

    Poster contest prizes

    2012 poster contest winner
    2012 winner was created by Andrew DaCosta
    • First place wins $500*
    • Second place wins $300*
    • Third place wins $100*
    • The winning poster will be seen across the state. (Past winners were on public transportation!)

    * Funded by Commonwealth Corporation

      Poster contest rules

      1. All entries must be original artwork created by a high school-aged Massachusetts teen (14-19) not enrolled in post-secondary education. A participant may enter the contest only once. Note: Teens do not need to be enrolled in high school to enter the contest.
      2. Each submission must be accompanied by a completed Poster Contest Entry & Release Form, available on this website.
      3. The participant’s full name and town must be written in the lower right-hand corner on the back of the poster.
      4. The poster must be related to workplace safety and health in some way. All words must be spelled correctly and be written clearly.
      5. If the poster is written in a language that is not English, an English translation must be included with the submission.
      6. When constructing your poster, please remember:
        • Do check your spelling and grammar! Posters with errors cannot be used.
        • Do use any media you choose to create your poster—pen & ink, original photos, paint, collage, computer graphics, etc.
        • Do not use copyrighted material, including cartoon characters such as the Simpsons, Spongebob, etc.
      7. Entries must be no smaller than 8.5 x 11” and no larger than 11 x 17.”
      8. Entries must be done on paper that will allow for duplication, display, and framing.
      9. Entries should not be matted, mounted, laminated, framed, or folded.
      2013 Winning Poster
      2013 winner was created by Shari Cote

      Workplace Health and Safety Resources

      Image credits:  (Banner) "Speak up. Speak out. If you see something unsafe in your workplace, tell someone." This 2011 winner was created by Jane Adams.