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Applying for Pesticide Exams, Licenses, and Renewals

Assistance and guidance to individuals applying for a Pesticide License through the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

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Creating your ePLACE Account

Creating an account in the EEA ePLACE Permitting Portal for first time users is a simple process. Follow the instructions in this presentation to register. Please note: Anyone applying for a pesticide license must do so as an individual. Companies CANNOT apply for the applicants.

How do I get ready for the pesticide licensing exams?

The Pesticide Examination and License Information Bulletin will answer all these questions and more!

Pesticide Exam Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Find out what type of licenses there are for pesticide applications.
  2. Where to order the study materials.
  3. How to register for an online exam - please see below "Applying for Pesticide Exam" step-by-step guide.

This is a closed book exam. The use of manuals, notes, or other study guides during the online exam session is strictly prohibited and will result in your disqualification.

Disability Accommodations for Pesticide Exam

Everblue Online Exam Demo Video

Rules and Requirements for Online Exams

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Using the ePLACE Permitting Portal to file for a Pesticide License

The EEA ePLACE Permitting Portal allows applicants to create accounts, register for pesticide exams, and submit applications to obtain a new or to renew an MDAR Pesticide License or Certification.  For a more detailed description and step by step guidance, please review the Department's Examination and Licensing Information found under Key Actions.  Specific step-by-step guides are available for all processes--Applying for an Exam, Applying for a License or Certification After Passing Your Exam, and How to Renew Your License or Certfication. Every step that you need to take, within the process of seeking a pesticide exam and license or certification is outlined and described within guidance documents found on this page. 

Pesticide Applicator Licensing and Certification Fees

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