Completed Brownfields Covenants

To learn more about how a Brownfields Covenant might work for your project, read summaries of the projects our past agreements have supported. Each summary includes a link to view the complete Brownfields Covenant, all available in PDF format. The Brownfields Covenant summaries and links are organized by year.

Table of Contents


North Billerica: MBTA Storage Space at Iron Horse Park Superfund Site

Applicant: Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA)

Project: This agreement paves the way for the MBTA to construct extra storage space for their track infrastructure equipment and materials during the Green Line Extension Project on an 18.65-acre portion of the Iron Horse Park Superfund site in North Billerica. The MBTA also intends to construct a dispatch center, engineering and maintenance offices, and maintenance shops, creating jobs and using otherwise vacant space.

The agreement requires that the MBTA maintain and expand remediation of this portion of the site, which is contaminated with pentachlorophenol, a wood preservative, due to the storage of wood poles, and petroleum hydrocarbons, lead, and arsenic. 


South Boston: Affordable Housing Development at 206-208 and 210-212 West Broadway

Applicant: 206 West, LLC

Project: With this covenant, developer 206 West, LLC will build a four-story residential building on a .09-acre vacant contaminated lot in South Boston.  The new building will include sixteen units of affordable housing, as well as a ground floor coffee shop.  The project has been awarded public financing from the City of Boston with a financing agreement that requires that the housing be restricted to low- and moderate-income residents for 99 years.

The agreement requires that 206 West, LLC continue the City of Boston’s remediation of the former dry-cleaning site, which was contaminated with tetrachloroethylene, chlorinated volatile organic compounds, and other oil and hazardous materials.


Jamaica Plain: Development of Former Automotive Facility

Applicant: JPLOT1, Inc., SSG JP Lot 2, LLC, and SSG JP Lot 3, LLC (collectively “SSG”)
Project: This covenant allows for the remediation and development of a 3.36-acre former automotive and industrial facility at 3521-3529 Washington Street that was contaminated by the previous owner. The facility will be converted into a mixed-use property with a retail/housing development, a self-storage/retail building with an associated community room, and a four-story residential apartment/condominium building with parking.

This project will provide approximately 132 units of housing and approximately 90 jobs in the retail/office and self-storage buildings.

Holden: Redevelopment of 18 Industrial Drive

Applicant: Town of Holden

Project: The Town of Holden will redevelop and remediate a 22.86-acre contaminated property, formerly used for manufacturing operations, and construct a new Department of Public Works facility. The new building will include a garage for equipment storage, servicing, and maintenance, as well as repair areas, locker rooms, and office and administrative spaces. 

The former owner donated the property to the Town of Holden to be revitalized and repurposed.  The new Department of Public Works facility will serve to ensure the efficient maintenance of public infrastructure in the Town, including roadway clearing, repair, and construction, operation and maintenance of public water supply and sewer infrastructure, snow and ice removal operations, stormwater management, and buildings and ground maintenance.


West Springfield: Revitalization of 964 Main Street

Applicant: Town of West Springfield
Project: Years after the destruction in the Southeast Corner of West Springfield caused by a tornado in 2011, a severely damaged, abandoned factory will undergo a necessary demolition to make way for commercial and/or industrial reuse. With this Brownfields covenant in place, The Town of West Springfield will clear the .64-acre lot containing the 11,000 square foot, one-story Standard Plating Co. factory building, and remediate the significant soil and groundwater contamination.

West Springfield’s Department of Housing and Community Development provided funding to the Town’s Community Development Office to rehabilitate this area. The project offers physical and economic revitalization to the Southeast Corner once the Town completes clean-up of the area, the West Springfield Redevelopment Authority will market the site for commercial or industrial reuse.

West Stockbridge: Redevelopment of Berkshire Truck Plaza

Applicant: Truck Stop Land, LLC
Project: This covenant allows for a 10-acre, 2.0-megawatt ground-mounted solar photovoltaic array at the Berkshire Truck Plaza. This solar array will produce enough clean energy to power 500-700 residences in West Stockbridge, in addition to the added tax revenue. Solar arrays provide valuable net metering credits (if available) to low income housing authorities, school districts, and universities.

This is the third Brownfields Covenant into which the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has entered that allows for the construction of a solar facility.


North Adams: Rehabilitation of Greylock Mill

Applicant: Greylock Works, LLC and Greylock Flume, Inc.
Project: This project expands over two parcels of land: the 200,000 square foot vacant, dilapidated mill at 508 State Road (a 7.85-acre parcel of land) and the .99-acre parcel of land on the opposite side of Route 2. The former mill building will be repurposed as an innovative mixed-use space housing residential lofts, artist galleries, a boutique hotel, local culinary booths, performance spaces, and retail shops. The parcel of land opposite the highway will become a public park, pedestrian walkway, and a bike path.

Together, these developments are expected to provide 100 new and permanent jobs and generate annual revenue exceeding $5,000.000 for this area. Under this agreement, Greylock Works, LLC and Greylock Flume, Inc. will remediate significant soil and groundwater contamination on both parcels of land.

Woburn: Development at Wells G & H Superfund Site

Applicant: Madison Woburn Holdings, LLC
Project: This agreement marks the development of a 12-acre vacant parcel of land within the 330-acre Wells G & H Superfund Site at 369 Washington St. The land designated a Superfund Site by the EPA in 1982 has since been vacant and, aside from the remediation measures put in place to handle the contamination, ignored due to regulatory complications. On the 12-acre parcel, Madison Woburn Holdings, LLC will develop two limited service hotels and three restaurants.

This project will be the first productive use of a parcel of land that has been conspicuously vacant for over 25 years. Over 100 full time jobs and over $1,000,000 in annual revenue to the City of Woburn are expected as a result of the development.

Brockton: Redevelopment of LeBaron Foundry

Applicant: Commercial Yard, LLC
Project: Upon purchase of the 5-acre vacant lot at 14 East Union Street, Commercial Yard, LLC will remove the abandoned structures and renovate the former LeBaron Foundry facility as a high tech, integrated state of the art metals manufacturing business. The plant will produce custom, specialty parts for the defense, aerospace, power generation/transmission, extractive, manufacturing, communication, and shipping sectors of the global economy. Due to past use, the site was contaminated with petroleum distillates, heavy metals, kerosene, and lead compounds, and is undergoing remediation.

The project will provide approximately 50 full-time jobs, and the covenant ensures compliance with the ongoing cleanup of contamination caused by past operations at the site. Additionally, the facility may use solar power for a portion of its energy needs.

Wakefield: New Construction at 175 North Avenue

Applicant: 175 North, LLC
Project: 175 North, LLC and its affiliate, Maggiore Companies will be taking ownership and redeveloping a .96-acre lot which previously contained a partially occupied, single story, concrete-block building at 175 North Avenue. The project is a mixed use development of 8,000 square feet of space for stores and restaurants with underground parking, in addition to 60 condominium units, 11 of which will be designated as affordable housing.

Given its location next to an MBTA Commuter Rail Station and its combination of retail and residential development, this project fits squarely within Wakefield’s vision of a “Transit Oriented Development” and a vibrant central business district.

Walpole: Redevelopment of 8, 26, 62 South Street (Blackburn and Union Superfund Site)

Applicant: Town of Walpole
Project: The agreement reached with the Town of Walpole will allow for the redevelopment of a 26-acre parcel of property, which is located on the Blackburn and Union Superfund site. The site, which has been heavily contaminated with asbestos, lead, arsenic, and nickel from manufacturing that occurred there over a 200-year period will be redeveloped into a new senior center, police station, and parking facilities to support the municipal offices.

The Town of Walpole will endeavor to incorporate sustainable design features, including solar panels, rain water harvesting, and the use of materials produced locally into the new municipal buildings. The project will also include redeveloping an abandoned rail bed on the property into a walking trail that will link the site to the High School and Town Forest, which ultimately will enhance the open space available for public use. In addition to these public benefits, this project will create new jobs in Walpole.

Great Barrington: Redevelopment of former Paper Mill site at 0 Park Street

Applicant: Rising Paper Land, LLC
Project: With its covenant in place, Rising Paper Land, LLC took ownership of a 67-acre property that was the site of a paper mill from 1852 until 2007, where it will develop a 12-acre, 2.5-megawatt solar photovoltaic facility. Rising Paper has agreed to place a 45-acre conservation restriction with public access on the property, which will preserve open space along the Housatonic River for the community. In exchange for the commitment to undertake this project, the Covenant provides Rising Paper with liability protection for natural resource damages.

The new solar facility will produce enough clean energy to power the electrical needs of a local school district and the Town of Great Barrington’s municipal buildings. The project also allows for the preservation of wetlands and riverfront buffers on the site.

Sutton: Redevelopment of former Master Metals Industries site at 9 Harback Road

Applicant: New Covenant Partners IV, LLC
Project: The Not to Sue Agreement with New Covenant Partners IV, LLC paved the way for it to take ownership of a vacant building and the two-acre parcel of property that is the former site of Master Metals Industries, a small-scale pewter and solder smelting facility in Sutton. During Master Metals’ ownership, from 1971 through 2012, there were releases of lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, zinc, and other hazardous materials into the soil and groundwater on the site.

Under the agreement, New Covenant will clean up the property and tear down a portion of the existing vacant building on the site, make improvements to the remaining part of the building, and pave over a section of the property. New Covenant will enter into a long-term lease with a company that sells, distributes, and installs consultation services for products and services for the protection of outdoor athletic fields. The new project will create six new jobs at the currently vacant site.


Milford: Redevelopment of 47 Sumner Street

Applicant: Planet Aid, Inc.
Project: Planet Aid will cleanup and redevelop an approximate 7.6 acre parcel located at 47 Sumner Street in Milford, Massachusetts.  The property was used from the early twentieth century until 1971 for a variety of manufacturing uses, including textile manufacturing and tile glazing.  The property is developed, and includes a large warehouse building that also contains small office space. Portions of the building are currently occupied, while others are being rebuilt for future use.  The primary contaminant of concern is petroleum.

Planet Aid collects and recycles used clothes and shoes and supports international development projects.  It will use the property as its nationwide headquarters and as its Massachusetts warehouse facility, which will employ 65 people, and service the New England area in furtherance of their charitable purpose. Planet Aid will excavate contaminated soil and perform any associated groundwater dewatering and subsequent monitoring at the property. The areas subject to excavation will be used in support of the warehouse facility, as portions of the excavated area will be used as a parking lot. The remaining portion of the excavation area will be landscaped, giving the property a professional appearance. This will result in a significant improvement over the appearance of the property in its previously underutilized state.  Planet Aid will install rooftop solar panels, providing a public benefit through the reduction of Planet Aid’s carbon footprint.  This covenant is notable in that it is the first covenant granted in which the primary public benefit is the installation of renewable energy (this is a relocation and does not entail adding new and permanent jobs).

Adams: Redevelopment of former Adams Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company Site

Applicant: 82 Commercial
Project: 82 Commercial Street will cleanup and redevelop an approximate 1.8-acre parcel located at 82 Commercial Street and 72 Commercial Street in Adams, Massachusetts.  The Property was used as a textile mill from approximately 1884 until 1948.  In addition, a portion of the Property was used as an automotive service station from 1937 until 1987 and dry cleaning from 1948 until 2004.  The Project involves expansion of the current onsite linen service and laundry business, which is planned to include a 7,000 sq. ft. addition to the north side of the facility located at 82 Commercial St., Adams, MA.  The Project also involves removal of the truck repair garage at 72 Commercial St., and incorporation of a maintenance garage, which will likely consist of a single story metal building. 

The redevelopment of the Project is expected to provide both immediate and long-term public benefits.  The expansion of the business is expected to provide an additional 4-5 full time permanent employee positions per year.  Further, the removal of the garage building at 72 Commercial St. and the new addition is expected to improve the aesthetic beauty and vitality of Adams.  

Worcester: Redevelopment of 40 Quinisgamond Avenue

Applicant: Worcester Regional Transit Authority (“WRTA”)
Project: The Worcester Regional Transit Authority (“WRTA”) will cleanup and redevelop an approximate 11 acre parcel located at 40 Quinsigamond Avenue in Worcester, Massachusetts. The property is a portion of a site historically utilized as a former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) facility from approximately 1853 to 1969.  The project involves the construction of a new 2-story maintenance and operations facility at 40 Quinsigamond Avenue, Worcester, MA. The total footprint of the project is expected to be approximately 100,000 square feet including office and administrative operations and dispatching, bus maintenance and storage spaces. Additional areas within the Property will be developed for bus circulation, parking, setbacks, stormwater management, landscaping and hardscaping.

The WRTA is a public transportation entity providing over 3.6 million rides per year for its customers in Worcester and the surrounding towns. The new maintenance and operational facility will replace an outdated eighty year old facility and will revitalize a vacant and blighted parcel of land currently used for storage of construction equipment and debris. With the proposed relocation of facilities, approximately 160 permanent jobs will be retained and five to ten new jobs will be created. The WRTA will make 170 parking spaces available to the public during athletic league events at the park across the street to address the critical need for parking during such local events, and will provide conference room space for neighborhood meetings.

Attleboro: Redevelopment of former Automatic Machine Products site

Applicant: Renaissance Holdings, LLC (“Renaissance”)
Project: Renaissance Holdings, LLC (“Renaissance”) will cleanup and redevelop an approximately 1.4-acre parcel located at 75 South Main Street in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  The project involves the construction of a seven-story building.  The lowest story constitutes parking, which is located below grade.  The first story will contain 6,000 square feet of retail area, as well as certain amenities such as an exercise room and meeting rooms to serve the upper five floors.  The upper five floors will consist of 80 one and two bedroom apartments. There will be five units of affordable housing contained within this project.  Three of the units will be designated for tenants who earn an income of not more than 120% of the median household income, and two of the units will be designated for tenants who earn an income of not more the 50% of the median household income.  The project also has been the recipient of an NSP-3 grant by the Federal Government through the City of Attleboro Community Development Program. The redevelopment of the Property is expected to provide both immediate and long-term public benefits.  Once the building is opened, the retail portion of the project is anticipated to create 10-15 new jobs.  In addition, the management of the building will provide another 2-3 jobs.  This project will increase tax revenue to the City of Attleboro substantially, as the ARA is not a taxed entity and Renaissance will be fully taxable.  The building is expected to have an assessed value in excess of $9 million.


Lynn: Factory of the Future

Applicant: 40 Federal Street Realty Holdings, LLC ("FSRH")
Project: 40 Federal Street Realty Holdings, LLC (“FSRH”) will cooperate in the cleanup and will redevelop an approximately 24-acre parcel located at 40 Federal Street in Lynn, Massachusetts, which was formerly the location of a General Electric Company facility that manufactured electrical products.  The redevelopment of the former GE site is anticipated to have both immediate and long-term public benefits.  The existing building will be renovated and expanded to serve as a supermarket, and  will provide 500 new and permanent jobs (100 full time and 400 part time).  During the Project’s second phase, retail capacity will be developed on the land to the east of Federal Street.  The second phase should begin during the subsequent year.  This will produce additional construction and permanent jobs in 2015-16, though it is too early to estimate the number.


Framingham: South Middlesex Non-Profit Housing Corporation Headquarters

Applicants: South Middlesex Non Profit Housing Corporation (SMNHC)
Project: South Middlesex Non Profit Housing Corporation (SMNHC) acquired the 4 acre parcel of land at 7 Bishop Street with its four buildings and two parking lots ,will modify the existing office space and allow South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC)  to use the space as its state-wide headquarters.  SMOC’s mission is to provide services for disadvantaged families and individuals, and this project will allow SMOC to have many of its services as centrally located as possibly, in areas accessible to SMOC’s target clients.  This location is demographically critical and easily accessible by public transportation.  Approximately 150 SMOC employees will be transferred to the Property at which SMOC will run various programs, including counseling, job training, and housing assistance. 


Great Barrington: Affordable Housing, Continuing Care Facility, and Commercial Space

Applicants: Owner Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire
Project: The Community Development Corporation of South Berkshire has agreed to clean up and redevelop a property that was formerly occupied by the New England Log Home Company. The redevelopment includes an affordable housing complex, a long-term care facility, commercial space, and enhanced public access and open space along the Housatonic River.


Acton: Open Space Preservation Project

Applicants: Developer Town of Acton
Project: The Town of Acton is acquiring a ten acre farm to preserve it for agricultural use and publicly-available open space after cleaning up contamination from a former industrial use on a portion of the property. The Town of Acton appropriated Community Preservation Act funds for the purchase of the Simeone-Caouette property off of Stow and Marion Streets, abutting Mill Pond, in the historic section of South Acton. The acquisition will allow the Town of Acton to connect the property to the abutting railroad right-of-way that the Town and the Commonwealth are in the process of developing for recreational use as part of the Assabet River Rail Trail.

Gardner: City of Gardner Redevelopment of Garbose Metal Company Site

Applicants: Developer City of Gardner and property owner S. Bernard Garbose
Project: The City of Gardner is taking over a nine acre former scrap metal yard, the Garbose Metal Company facility at 155 Mill Street, to clean it up and redevelop it for a modern commercial use. The City will also be creating a one acre park on an adjacent clean parcel as part of the overall project. The redevelopment will be consistent with a master plan for the whole Mill Street corridor of former industrial properties, which total 14 parcels over 55 acres.

Holyoke: Quantum Properties Redevelopment of Former Paper Mill Sites

Additional documents

Applicants: Developer Quantum Properties LLC
Project: Quantum Properties LLC is using a Brownfields Covenant to turn 15 acres of contaminated property on Water Street, once home to American Writing Paper and Brown Paper Mills in the 19th and 20th centuries, into modern industrial and commercial space. The project fits within the City of Holyoke's plan for a redeveloped riverfront that rehabilitates the historic mill buildings, fosters economic growth, and upgrades the canals for broader community use. The redevelopment will incorporate the hydroelectric wheels which generate power from water running between the Front Canal and the Connecticut River and are operated by the Holyoke Gas and Electric Department.

North Attleborough: Arista Development Project at former Handy & Harman Facility

Additional documents

Applicants: Developers Arista Development LLC and 72 Elm Street LLC, and property owner Handy & Harman Electronic Materials Corporation
Project: The owner and prospective developer of the former Handy & Harman facility are collaborating to clean up and redevelop the vacant 6.7 acre property at 72 Elm Street on Route 1 in North Attleborough. The developers propose to turn the property, which was the site of electroplating operations for the jewelry and electronics industries for decades, into an up-to-date commercial building consistent with the commercial character of the surrounding area.


Lowell: Affordable Housing Development at former Appleton Mills in Hamilton Canal District

Applicants: Developers Trinity Appleton Limited Partnership and Trinity Appleton Four Limited Partnership
Project: Trinity Appleton Limited Partnership is redeveloping the former Appleton Mills complex at 307 Jackson Street in the historic Hamilton Canal District of Lowell into 130 units of affordable rental housing to be marketed as artist live/work space. The project will feature many environmentally-friendly components, including a green roof, efficient systems and Energy Star appliances. It will also include a historic rehabilitation of existing mill buildings, and improvements to area infrastructure, including sidewalks and new and rehabilitated bridges over canals that will connect the building to the downtown neighborhood.


Clinton: Commercial Redevelopment of Cardillo Gas Station Site

Additional documents

Applicant: Developer Richmond Clinton Development LLC
Project: The developer is using a Brownfields Covenant to buy the contaminated Cardillo gas station at 696-720 Main Street in Clinton and redevelop it into a retail pharmacy that fits the town's plans for its commercial district.


Chelsea Forbes Condominium Development at Forbes Lithographic Site

Applicants: Developers Forbes Park LLC and Seawall Realty LLC
Project: The developers applied for a Brownfields Covenant after buying but before beginning cleanup and their planned redevelopment of the 18 acre former Forbes Lithographic Company property at 1 Forbes Street in Chelsea. The developers plan to turn the old factory and warehouse buildings on the property, largely abandoned in recent years, into 225 "eco-loft" condominiums (with future development stages to include more condo units and commercial space). The project has numerous sustainable development and community-friendly features, including a stormwater canal system to capture rainwater and support restored wetlands, energy-efficient building design features, a wind turbine to provide some of the condos' electricity needs, and a public walkway along the Chelsea River.

Lawrence: Architectural Heritage Foundation Housing Development at former Washington Mills Building

Applicants: Developers Architectural Heritage Foundation and Banc of America Community Development Corporation, and related entities
Project: The developers partnered to transform the historic former Washington Mills Building #1 at 270 Canal Street into 155 loft-style apartments, with ten percent of the units reserved for lower income renters. The project is in the North Canal Historic District, close to the City center and 1/4 mile from the McGovern commuter rail and bus station, and is a Certified Historic Rehabilitation that conforms to the U.S. Secretary of the Interior's standards for renovation of historic buildings.

Lawrence: Lawrence Gateway Parking Development at GenCorp Site

Applicant: Property Owner GenCorp, Inc.
Project: The owner of the 8.6 acre former GenCorp plastics manufacturing plant in the Gateway area of former mill buildings in Lawrence received a Brownfields Covenant to support the cleanup and redevelopment of its property into a landscaped lot of approximately 1,000 parking spaces. The owner is completing the cleanup and cooperating with the City of Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority to acquire the property and then build and manage the parking facility to support businesses in the surrounding area. The project, together with the redevelopment of the abutting Oxford Paper Mill property into a public park along the Spicket River, will make the surrounding buildings and the whole area more inviting to businesses, their customers, and the public.

Natick: Condominium Development at former Downtown Auto Body Shop

Applicant: Developer Downtown Natick Development Company
Project: The Downtown Natick Development Company used a Brownfields Covenant to buy and redevelop a former auto body shop at 20 South Avenue in downtown Natick, two blocks from a commuter rail stop, and turning it into 24 condominiums, 5 of them meeting criteria for affordable housing.

Pittsfield: Refurbishment of Colonial Theatre

Applicants: Property owner Reginald LLC and Developer McElfatrick LLC
Project: The property-owning affiliate of the Colonial Theatre Association purchased contaminated property abutting the historic but long-shuttered Colonial Theatre at 109-111 South Street in downtown Pittsfield in its effort to refurbish and reopen the theater. A Brownfields Covenant protects the theater and its predecessor owner from liability in exchange for cleaning up historic contamination and reopening the theater, which has brought jobs and cultural and economic revitalization to the downtown area.

Sandwich: Commercial/residential redevelopment of Route 6A Restaurant/Gas Station

Applicant: Developer 109 Route 6A LLC
Project: A Cape Cod developer is using a Brownfields Covenant to buy and turn a small commercial building and former gas station at 109 Route 6A in Sandwich, which was contaminated with oil and diesel, into a refurbished multi-use commercial/residential development.

Springfield: Astro Chemical Redevelopment of Hampden Color & Chemical Site

Applicant: Developer Astro Logistics, LLC
Project: Astro Chemicals, Inc., a Springfield business looking to update and expand its chemical distribution business, cleaned up and redeveloped the abandoned 8-acre former Hampden Color and Chemical Company property at 126 Memorial Drive, Springfield. The property was owned by the City of Springfield after a tax foreclosure. A Brownfields Covenant allowed Astro Chemicals to limit its liability when purchasing the property (through its property-owning affiliate) from the City before taking over site remediation. Astro Chemicals has turned the property into a refurbished facility for its chemical distribution business.


Andover: Town of Andover Redevelopment of Reichhold Chemical Site into Conservation Land and Playing Fields

Applicants: Developer Town of Andover and Property Owner Reichhold, Inc.
Project: The Town of Andover secured a Brownfields Covenant to turn the site of a former Reichhold Chemical manufacturing plant at 77 Lowell Junction Road in Andover into conservation land and playing fields. Reichhold Chemical, a co-applicant, performed the necessary cleanup. The agreement ensures that 46 acres of open space, including over a mile of riverfront along the Shawsheen River, will be available for public use.

Attleboro: Redevelopment of Texas Instruments Corporate Campus

Applicant: Developer Preferred Real Estate Investments
Project: Preferred Real Estate Investments, Inc. is redeveloping the 261 acre Texas Instruments property in Attleboro, a multi-building campus of manufacturing and office facilities which has been a major part of the Attleboro economy for decades, into a modern business park of corporate offices, commercial and research facilities. The project is expected to create at least 1,250 new jobs and attract new tenants and owners to the property.

Foxborough: Cluster Housing Redevelopment of Former Bentley Porter Waste Disposal Site

Applicant: Developer Foxborough Land Partners LLC
Project: The developer used a Brownfields Covenant to purchase and clean up the 100 acre former location of the Bentley Porter Pumping and Disposal Company on Cocasset Street in Foxborough to redevelop it into cluster housing with significant open space retained.

Hudson: Village-style Residential Project at Former Wool Processing Facility

Applicant: Developer Thorndike Development Corporation
Project: Thorndike Development Corporation is cleaning up a 42-acre site contaminated with chemicals from a former wool processing facility, and building a village-style residential community on the site with open space and pedestrian-friendly amenities, while preserving 17 acres as protected open space that will be open to the public.

Lawrence: Nina Scarito Park at former Industrial Laundry Site

Applicant: Property owner DBT Corp.
Project: DBT Corp., an affiliate of Bank of America, secured a Brownfields Covenant to clean up and redevelop of an abandoned 3 acre former industrial property at 44R Brook Street in Lawrence before contributing to the development of a public park along the Spicket River and transferring ownership to the City.

Marlborough: Redevelopment of the Former Frye Boot Manufacturing Site into Elderly Housing

Applicant: Developer City of Marlborough
Project: The City of Marlborough received a Brownfields Covenant in exchange for its promise to clean up the abandoned former Frye Boot manufacturing property and redevelop it into at least 57 units of housing for the elderly and physically challenged, with forty percent of the units meeting the Commonwealth's standards for affordability. The City brought in a private developer to build the housing after cleaning up.

Plymouth: Redevelopment of Revere Copper and Brass Manufacturing

Applicants: Developer Plymouth Redevelopment Authority and Property Owner Acuity Management Inc., an Affiliate of Revere Copper
Project: The Plymouth Redevelopment Authority used a Brownfields Covenant to take over the 1.5-acre former Revere Copper and Brass manufacturing facility at 216 Water Street in the downtown harbor district of Plymouth, and turn it into housing, including affordable units. The agreement included the owner at the time, and was amended to add abutting property owners who were contributing to the cleanup of the overall site. It was amended a second time to change the affordable housing component of the project.


Falmouth: Hatem Enterprises Project at Former Sousa's Texaco

Project: A Covenent Agreement helped Hatem Enterprises Acapesket Road, LLC clean up and redevelop the former Sousa's Texaco gas station located at 121 East Falmouth Highway in Falmouth. Hatem Enterprises agreed to clean up the property and renovate the former gas station so that it is suitable for at least 1 one bedroom affordable housing rental unit and at least 2 one bedroom rental units.

North Andover: Redevelopment of Former Lucent Facility

Project: Developer Ozzy Properties, Inc. redeveloped the 169 acre former Lucent Technologies' property, also known as the Merrimack Valley Works building, at 1600 Osgood Street in North Andover. The Property contains approximately 55 manufacturing, warehouse and/or office buildings, with over 1.9 million square feet of floor space. Ozzy has redeveloped it as a multi-use industrial, R&D and office space in an effort to bring back the 4,000 jobs that were lost when Lucent shut down most of its operations there.

Palmer: Quabog East Project at Standex International Property

Project: A Covenant Agreement is helping Quaboag East, LLC clean up and redevelop a 5.31 acre parcel of land and reuse the 91,000 sq. ft. building to establish its distribution center for its HVAC parts and equipment business at the Property. Quaboag expects the redevelopment to bring approximately 35 full time employees to the Property.


Lowell: Manchester Street Residential Development 

Project: A Brownfields Covenant allowed the expansion of a small residential development with an affordable housing component.

New Bedford: The Norseman Properties Project

Project: Developer Norseman Properties LLC is using a Brownfields Covenant to help the preservation and renovation of a 100 year old mill building to make it suitable for several businesses, including a regional trucking operation, a surplus equipment supplier, warehouses and storage facilities and a national-brand clothing manufacturer. The project is expected to create 75 to 85 new, permanent jobs and preserve 125 to 155 jobs.

Westborough: Bay State Commons Project

Additional Documents

Project: A Brownfields Covenant Agreement with developer Westborough CC, LLC helped the cleanup and redevelopment of a 57 acre parcel of formerly industrial land in Westborough into a 200,000 square foot community retail center that will include large and small retail stores and restaurants, as well as public walkways and a public park. Several dilapidated industrial buildings will be demolished and removed. This project is expected to generate approximately 750 new and permanent jobs. The Brownfields Covenant was amended to add the former owner, who contributed significantly to the project.


Burlington: The Filter Sales Project

Project: A Brownfields Covenant with Filter Sales, Inc. facilitated the reuse of a vacant former manufacturing facility located at 15 Adams Street at the junction of Routes 3 and 128 in Burlington. Filter Sales relocated its air filter manufacturing operations to Burlington, expecting to create 30 to 40 new, permanent jobs.

Lynn: The 395 Lynnway Project

Project: A Brownfields Covenant helped the cleanup and reuse of an idle property on the Lynnway in Lynn. This project involved two new buildings to provide commercial and retail space for two Massachusetts companies in the flooring manufacturing and contracting business.


Brockton: The Champion City Project

Project: A Brownfields Covenant with Boxer Realty Redevelopment, LLC, Champion City Recovery, LLC and New England Waste, LLC assisted in the cleanup and redevelopment of the former Hercules Wrecking Co. site, a 10-acre parcel in Brockton, located at 138 Wilder Street in Brockton. Champion and New England agreed to clean up the Site and construct a state-of-the-art construction and debris management facility.

Lowell: The Manchester Street Project

Project: A Brownfields Covenant with a developer in Lowell resulted in site cleanup and the construction of a small residential development with an affordable housing component.


Boston: The Urban Edge Housing Corporation Project

Project: A Brownfields Covenant with the UED Corporation, a subsidiary of Urban Edge Housing Corporation (Urban Edge) allowed the revitalization of a Washington Street property in Roxbury by razing a 24,000 sq. ft. building formerly used as an auto body repair shop, and constructing a new mixed use building with retail stores, UED Corporate offices and 30 affordable housing units.

Greenfield: The Greenfield Tape and Die Plant Project

Project: To accommodate the complex needs of both public and private parties, the Attorney General collaborated with the DEP to provide liability relief in the form of an Administrative Order on Consent among responsible parties at the site, the Town of Greenfield, and the Commonwealth. The cleanup of the former Greenfield Tap and Die Plant site, long vacant and blighted, will allow the 14-acre property to be redeveloped for commercial, light industrial, and/or housing.

Lowell: UAE Project

Project: The Attorney General's Agreement with UAE Power provided liability relief for a project that would provide a state-of-the-art electric generating facility for the Merrimack Valley Region. The agreement was later terminated because the developers decided not to pursue to the project.


Fitchburg: The Fitchburg Redevelopment Authority

Project: The Fitchburg Redevelopment Authority (FRA) used a Brownfields Covenant to redevelop a 14-acre former General Electric manufacturing facility with nearly 300,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space in the downtown business district. The FRA has redeveloped the site into industrial and office components, creating hundreds of new jobs for the City. The redevelopment is also linked to the creation of open space (including a river walk) and the incorporation of other public benefits into the Urban Redevelopment Plan for the City of Fitchburg.

Lowell Regional Transit Authority

Project: A Brownfields Covenant helped the Lowell Regional Transit Authority (LRTA) redevelop an abandoned industrial site on Hale Street in Lowell into a bus maintenance and operations center. This project was part of the LRTA's larger plan to upgrade the Gallagher Intermodal Transportation Center, which is the third largest transportation hub after Boston's North and South Stations, an effort expected to bring approximately 120 new jobs to Lowell that would generate more than $3.8 million a year in new payroll dollars. Moreover, by using the site to maintain and service its bus fleet, LRTA has been able to move its fixed route bus service out of the Paige Street area of downtown Lowell to the Gallagher Terminal area. This relocation provides the added benefits of fuel savings, reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, and increased on-time performance for the transportation system.

Newburyport The Fulton Street Project

Project: A Brownfields Covenant with real estate developer Fulton Street Realty Trust (FSRT) to clean up a former electroplating facility in a residential area. The M&V Electroplating Company operated the plant from the 1950's until 1995, when the company went into bankruptcy. The abandoned site soon became blighted and vandalized and maintained a stigma of urban decay and economic decline for nearby residents. After demolition and removal of deteriorated industrial buildings and cleanup of the site, the 38,000 square foot parcel now boasts eight residential condominium units in three separate buildings that are consistent with the style and character of the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, the City of Newburyport was paid back real estate taxes, back sewer fees and fines.