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Customer Outreach Materials

Community engagement and education is a critical component of a successful municipal water conservation program. Review the best practices below and use the library of outreach materials to get the word out to your local residents, businesses and organizations. Communities should feel free to customize these outreach materials. Make them your own by adding your town or program’s name or logo to these graphics!

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Best Practices

  1. Communicate often and clearly. Continuously reminding people about your water conservation initiative and efforts will build awareness and keep water conservation top of mind. That’s the first step toward changing behaviors!
  2. Take advantage of all types of channels:  You have many different ways of communicating with your constituencies: social media, signage, flyers, inserts in water bills, the town website, email. Use them all!
  3. Create a Communications Calendar:  Create a calendar that identifies what messaging you are going to post or send out and when. Include everything in your water conservation program such as watering restriction signage, outdoor social media posts, water-friendly plumbing upgrade rebate flyer, etc. 
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