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Electronic Vehicle Registration Program (EVR)

The EVR system is supplied through a Service Provider who works to provide Permit Holders with a digital system that gives you the ability to register and title vehicles electronically.

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EVR Communications & Messages of the Day (MOTDs)

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What is EVR?

Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) allows RMV-approved Permit Holders to process Registration transactions and Title applications through an electronic link to a Service Provider and the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV).  

If you are an authorized Permit Holder, you may perform the following registry functions: 

  • Registration Renewals 

  • Issue new plates and decals 

  • Transfer plates between vehicles 

  • Collect title information 

  • Plate Cancellations 

Change a customer's address in the RMV database, if necessary

EVR Benefits

EVR offers you and your customers several benefits: 

  • Provides immediate, remote registration of vehicles 

  • Eliminates the need for your customer or for your representative to go to an RMV Service Center to process a registration transaction 

  • Provides better and more efficient service 

  • Provides access to the most up-to-date information for your customers 

  • Provides the ability to update customer data instantly 

  • Reduces your dependency on RMV Service Centers 

Dealers, fleet managers, salvage yards and insurance agents all win because EVR offers them the ability to process RMV transactions in a more timely and efficient manner. Customers win because they get one-stop shopping without the wait for registration and title application processing. The RMV wins because customers are served in an efficient and timely manner that ensures the integrity of the registration and title process. 


The RMV and your Service Provider support you in these ways: 

  • Resolving operational problems 

  • Supplying necessary materials 

  • Providing technical support 

  • Monitoring paperwork processing and accuracy 

  • Assessing your problems and assuring performance compliance (by review of monthly transaction counts) 

  • Providing ongoing training 

  • Providing a Help Line 

  • Performing audits 

Who is Eligible to Become A Service Provider?

A company that has been approved by the RMV to provide Registration and Title Services to RMV-approved EVR Permit Holders. 

For additional details, review Becoming a Service Provider

Who is Eligible to Become a Permit Holder?

Insurance companies, automobile dealerships, fleets, etc., may enroll with one of the RMV’s current Service Providers to process RMV transactions and become a Permit Holder with that organization. The following entities are eligible: 

  • Dealers: Any entity that is a Class I (New Car Dealer) or Class II (Used Car Dealer) 

  • Insurance Companies/Agents: Massachusetts licensed Insurance Companies and Insurance Agents 

  • Fleets: For Fleets that are owned and/or leased and for any entity that manages such a fleet 

  • Insurance Auto Auctions: Any MA Licensed Automobile Auction or Salvage Yard 

NOTE: The above entities can only process transactions for their direct customers, e.g., a dealer can only process a transaction for a customer they have sold the vehicle to; and insurance company or agent for an insured they have sold a policy to and so on. 


The RMV, Service Provider(s), and Permit Holders (that is, you) cooperate by electronic means to process vehicle Registrations and apply for Titles, including the collection of fees and sales taxes. These fees and taxes are electronically transferred from your account by Automated Clearing House (ACH) through a Service Provider to the RMV. 

Performance Standards

As a Permit Holder, your Business Organization (EVR staff) must fulfill these requirements: 

  • Process 95% of EVR eligible transactions within 120 days after issue of the Permit Holder’s Process 95% of EVR eligible transactions within 120 days after issue of the Permit Holder's EVR Permit 

  • Process 100% of EVR eligible transactions within 180 days after issue of the Permit Holder’s EVR Permit 

  • Ensure that the work processed is accurate, complete, and conforms to the policies and procedures required by the EVR Program and the RMV 

  • Work with an RMV Quality Assurance Team, when necessary, to correct and improve transaction processing 

  • Attend periodic training 

  • Work with the RMV Compliance Officers 

  • Review RMV policy and procedure updates and ensure staff compliance 

Permit Holder Responsibilities

You must follow several steps: 

  • Enter into an agreement with an RMV approved Service Provider 

  • Provide transaction volume for approval to the EVR Program (If Applicable) 

  • Meet requirements of the EVR Program Permit 

  • Acquire Permit Bond 

  • Provide evidence of general liability insurance coverage 

  • Provide evidence of tax compliance 

  • Maintain two or more RMV trained personnel 

  • Meet security requirements and submit a floor plan 

  • Obtain appropriate business licenses and certificates 

  • Obtain an agent's license from the Division of Insurance (DOI), if your business is an agency 

  • Bear all costs associated with the program's computer hardware, labor, electronic interface system charges, and transaction processing, mailing, and ordering and shipping costs of required inventory and supplies 

Public Conduct of your Business

You must comply with several requirements: 

  • Be a Massachusetts Class I or Class II licensed automobile dealer or an insurance agent licensed with the Division of Insurance 

  • Maintain and operate an office in Massachusetts 

  • Comply with all rules, policies and procedures, and standards applicable to EVR 

  • Comply with all applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

  • Obtain RMV authorization before displaying or distributing media that advertises your participation in EVR 


You must comply with these standards: 

  • Assume responsibility for the safekeeping and lawful use of all RMV inventory assigned to the Permit Holders business organization 

  • Submit a written security plan for the control of all RMV inventory 

  • Submit a floor plan similar to an architectural floor plan; this plan should clearly designate the EVR processing area 

  • Maintain a secure location for processing transactions in accordance with required guidelines 

  • Limit the handling of RMV inventory to authorized users only 

  • Abide by storage and security measures as decided upon by the RMV in regard to RMV materials such as license plates and  decals, 

  • Keep funds received for registration, title, or sales taxes separate from the Permit Holders pursuit of business or other activities not related to EVR (that is, do not commingle funds) 

  • Ensure that records are kept in a single secure location at your site of business 

What documentation is required to participate in this program?

The Registry of Motor Vehicles’ (RMV) ATLAS System requires that all RMV Business Partners sign an Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (“Access Agreement”). To ensure that you have seamless access to important RMV data and systems, you must review, electronically sign, and return the Access Agreement. The Access Agreement, along with additional required documentation for this program, outlined below will be sent separately through a third-party secure service. The RMV will not provide you with ATLAS system access until we receive your signed Access Agreement and other required documentation listed below. 

NOTE: Completed documents should be emailed to: MassDOTEVRDEPT@dot.state.ma.us. **Documents with these asterisks contain signature(s) that need to be digitally signed.  To do this you will need to download the document to your computer (or a different directory) and Save before the digital signature fields will display. 

Samples of Business Partner Required Documents for your review: 

To locate and review EVR Program participant documents access the EVR Documents page.

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