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The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) utilizes the MOVEit™ Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP) platform for all file transfers. The MOVEit™ platform is a secure file transfer server/service that provides a secure at-rest and in-transit solution for sharing, transferring files and data.   

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The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) utilizes the MOVEit Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP) platform for all file transfers. The MOVEit platform is a secure file transfer server/service that provides a secure at-rest and in-transit solution for sharing, transferring files and data.   

MOVEit provides a secure way to perform automated (scheduled) system-to-system file transfers and it also supports manual (user-performed) login transfers. Users are set up with accounts and home folders where they can upload and download files.   

System to System Access: MOVEit System to System access provides full automation of the secure file transfer process.  Your company will be required to implement an SFTP client which will communicate with MOVEit to automate the secure file transfer process. Automated SFTP interface between MOVEit and your SFTP client will be secured using SSH key pair authentication. SFTP Clients that are known to work with MOVEit can be provided upon request.   

SSH keys should be RSA with a minimum length of 2048 bits. You will need to generate a key to use for authentication via your preferred client supports method.  When you have the generated key, notify the RMV of the public key fingerprint and attempt to connect with your username.  Doing this, you are providing the RMV with the key request and enabling us to accept it.  Once the key is accepted you will be able to log in.   

NOTE:  If the Public Key Fingerprint changes, you must inform the RMV so verification and updates can be made to allow access.   

Manual Login Access:  MOVEit  Manual Login is for companies that choose not to implement an SFTP client. The MOVEit platform will have no system connectivity to your company, so you will need to log into the RMV’s MOVEit solution to execute the secure file transfer manually.  You will be required to request login access to the RMV MOVEit solution it the MOVEit End User Request form. 

RMV data files are only available to RMV permitted users. Please refer to the specific RMV Program for more details and/or requirements of the program in which you participate. 

Who can be authorized to use MOVEit™?

Only programs that offer MOVEit™ as a method of access can utilize this connectivity method.   

What Documentation is required?

The RMV requires that all RMV Business Partners sign an Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (“Access Agreement”) along with additional required documentation.  Prior to receiving MOVEit access you must have signed an Access Agreement and completed the other required documentation to exchange and/or receive files with the RMV using the Community Portal. You should already be registered for the Community Portal to be enrolled in a program.  

To Update or add this method of access, go to the RMV's Community portal.

The following documents are for MOVEit.  If you would like to review the documents, please use the links below.  

  • Sample: MOVEit Access Form
    This form should be completed by users that need a MOVEit account created. 

  • Sample: MOVEit End User Request Form 
    This form must be completed by users that require a username and password to manually send or receive files.  Digital signatures are required.  To do this you will need to download the document to your computer (or a different directory) and Save before the digital signature fields will display. 

Next Steps

  1. Complete and upload your MOVEit™ documentation via the RMV's Community Portal. Allow 5-7 days to receive your credentials, directory structure, home folder name, and URL from the cots_application_support@dot.state.ma.us.  

    • You will have a unique home folder on the server that cannot be accessed or viewed by other users.   
  2. Depending on the program in which you are participating, there may also be program related testing* that must be completed prior to being allowed to connect to the production environment.   

  3. After successful testing, production access will be granted, and you’ll receive appropriate credentials to send and/or receive files via MOVEit™.  

*NOTE: The RMV requires that all Business Partners test the data and/or files they send and/or receive from the RMV. You must successfully complete testing prior to being granted access to our MOVEit™ production environment.  


MOVEit™ User Guide 

This guide should be used by End Users that will be manually logging into MOVEit™ platform.  

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