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Guide ServiceNow Rollout

ServiceNow - the Commonwealth's new technology support system - will be rolled out to all 9 secretariats. Here's what you need to know about the rollout and how to get started in ServiceNow.

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ServiceNow is an easy-to-use, responsive, and digital technology support system that will significantly improve your IT support experience. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you faster, more reliable technology and IT support, ServiceNow will be rolled out to all 9 secretariats at different times. When ServiceNow is rolled out to you, you can use ServiceNow to report IT issues, request a wide range of digital and security services, and learn how to solve problems yourself.

With ServiceNow, you can expect:

  • 24/7 self-service. No need to pick up the phone or wait on hold. Just login and submit a ticket in seconds.
  • Faster, more reliable support. ServiceNow helps automate ticket tracking so no issue goes unresolved.
  • Easy status updates and communication. You can check on the status of your tickets at any time and communicate directly with the teams resolving your issue.
  • Library of solutions to common issues. Learn how to solve simple, known problems on your own.

The ServiceNow rollout is happening in conjunction with an initiative to implement a single support number across the Executive Branch for IT services and support, rather than a number for each Secretariat help desk, technology vendors, and others you might go to for technology support.

That means when ServiceNow is rolled out to you, you will have three ways to contact the IT Service Desk: the online ServiceNow portal, via phone, and via email.

When ServiceNow goes live in your Secretariat

ServiceNow will be rolled out to LWD Secretariat Agency employees on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. ANF moved to ServiceNow late last year, and HED and EOE will have ServiceNow by the end of FY18. The rollout to HHS, EOPSS, and DOT will follow thereafter.

When ServiceNow is rolled out to LWD on May 29:

  • LWD Secretariat Agency employees will be able to use the online ServiceNow Portal to submit all new requests for IT help, services and items (reporting issues, password resets, network access, hardware, etc.).
  • LWD Secretariat Agency employees will have 3 ways to contact the IT Service Desk:
    1. Online via the ServiceNow Portal.
    2. By Phone: (844) 435-7629 or (844) HELP-MA-9
    3. By Email: massgov@service-now.com 
  • iSupport will no longer be used to track or manage LWD IT requests.

Current tickets using iSupport prior to May 29 will remain in place and be fulfilled, but NO NEW tickets can be submitted. Any existing tickets will remain in iSupport until they have been completed. A shutdown date is yet to be determined but communication will go out as soon as a date is established.

Getting started in ServiceNow

The ServiceNow Knowledge Base is an online library with solutions to common, known issues and training guides. It has all you need to know to navigate and use ServiceNow. You can access the Knowledge Base 24/7, without logging in.

Check out these four how to guides and videos to get started:

Key Actions for Getting started in ServiceNow


Do I have to be on VPN to use ServiceNow?

No, you do not need to be on VPN to use ServiceNow. ServiceNow is a web-based application that you can access from your browser without VPN.

Is ServiceNow mobile friendly?

Yes, ServiceNow is mobile friendly. There is also a free ServiceNow app in the app store you can download and use to submit and check on tickets and requests.

What happens to the service desk phone number I usually use?

Existing service desk phone numbers will be redirected to the new “one number” (844-435-7629).

What’s the difference between Submitting a Ticket and Requesting Something?

For any issue you have, Submit a Ticket and the TSS Service Desk will get you the help or service you need.

For IT staff, if you’d like to order a new item or service (ex. you need access to a shared drive or need to open a firewall port) and are familiar with where to find it in the service catalog, you can also Request Something.

Should I continue to use SharePoint forms for requests relating to Citrix, new hires, etc.?

Yes, if you use SharePoint forms for Citrix, new hires, or another purpose, you will continue to use these forms and they will be submitted to the Service Desk as appropriate. ServiceNow will not replace SharePoint forms.