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ServiceNow is the IT support platform for certain Commonwealth employees. You can use ServiceNow to report IT issues, request IT services and products, and learn how to resolve IT issues on your own!

Agencies that are currently supported by EOTSS can use ServiceNow today!

Here's what you need to know about how to get started in ServiceNow.

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ServiceNow is the IT support platform for users currently supported by EOTSS, along with other certain Commonwealth users.  Not sure if your agency is currently supported by EOTSS?  Click here.

ServiceNow is an easy-to-use, responsive, and digital technology support system that will significantly improve your IT support experience.  With ServiceNow, you will have three ways to contact the EOTSS End User Service Desk: the online ServiceNow portal, via phone, and via email.

With ServiceNow, you can expect:

  • 24/7 self-service. No need to pick up the phone or wait on hold. Just login and submit a ticket in seconds.
  • Faster, more reliable support. ServiceNow helps automate ticket tracking so no issue goes unresolved.
  • Easy status updates and communication. You can check on the status of your tickets at any time and communicate directly with the teams resolving your issue.
  • Library of solutions to common issues. Learn how to solve simple, known problems on your own.

ServiceNow User Roles

ServiceNow roles define what users have access to within the ServiceNow platform.  Visit our ServiceNow User Roles page on mass.gov to learn more.

Key Actions for ServiceNow User Roles

Getting Started

Need a ServiceNow account, or not sure how to log in for the first time?  Click the links below for more information.

User Guides

Already have a ServiceNow account?  The ServiceNow Knowledge Base is an online library with solutions to common, known issues and training guides.

Check out the ServiceNow Knowledge Base guides below under "Key actions" to get started.


How do I know if I should use ServiceNow?

You should use ServiceNow to report an incident, or request a product or service, AND:

  • Your agency is currently supported by EOTSS (click here to check), and/or
  • EOTSS supports the product or service that you are using/requesting, or
  • EOTSS provides the product or service that you are using/requesting.

What’s the difference between submitting a ticket and the service catalog?

Submit a ticket: submit a ticket to report an incident if something you currently have is broken

Service catalog: submit a request by using the service catalog to request something you do not have

Do I have to be on VPN to use ServiceNow?

No, you do not need to be on VPN to use ServiceNow. ServiceNow is a web-based application that you can access from your internet browser without VPN.

Is ServiceNow mobile friendly?

Yes, ServiceNow is mobile friendly. There is also a free ServiceNow app in the app store you can download and use to submit and check on tickets and requests.

Should I continue to use SharePoint forms for requests relating to Citrix, new hires, etc.?

Yes, if you use SharePoint forms for Citrix, new hires, or another purpose, you will continue to use these forms and they will be submitted to the Service Desk as appropriate. ServiceNow will not replace SharePoint forms.