Update your nursing license information

You are required to notify the Board of any change in your name, email, or postal mailing address.

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Print a verification of your license

Please note: The Board of Registration in Nursing (Board) no longer issues paper licenses or paper license renewal reminders.  The Board will use email to communicate renewal reminders and important changes in statute, regulations and policies related to nursing.  Failure to provide a working email address will prevent you from receiving these important updates. 

You or your employer can verify and print licensure status by accessing the Board “Check a License” site. The link is considered Primary Source Verification and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  RN license numbers have "RN" as a prefix and LPN license numbers have "LN" as a prefix. License numbers are not available by telephone.

Email address change

You must provide a current, working email address to receive license renewal information and important messages from the Board.  You are welcome to use any email address that you access on a regular basis. 

Postal address change

According to 244 CMR 9.00: Standard of Conduct,within 30 days of change in address, you must update the Board. The postal mailing address for each license you hold must be updated individually.  For example, those with both a RN license and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) authorization will be required to maintain current addresses for both categories

Addresses are subject to disclosure on request (MGL c. 4, s. 7). Under certain circumstances, information associated with your health profession license may be kept confidential and be exempt from public records.

Legal name change

According to 244 CMR 9.00: Standard of Conduct, within 30 days of a legal name change, you must update the Board.  Submit a completed Nursing license name, address, or email change form along with a photocopy of supporting documents that prove your legal name change.

Official documents include:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce decree
  • Court documents

If you are requesting a name change and you have a current or expired license with another board within the Bureau of Health Professions Licensure, the requested name change will be effective for all boards.

Verification of social security number and/or date of birth

To notify the Board of a newly acquired Social Security number or to correct a Social Security number or date of birth, please complete the Affidavit to Verify Social Security Number and Date of Birth form and submit to the Board.

Additional Resources   for Verification of social security number and/or date of birth

How to submit an update

Online changes are processed immediately. Paper requests may take up to 14 days to complete once received.


To amend your RN, LPN or APRN license information online, log on to the Mass Department of Public Health Online Licensing.

By mail

Complete a Nursing license name, address, or email change form and it send to:

Board of Registration in Nursing
250 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02108

Additional Resources   for How to submit an update

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