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Renew your nursing license

Your RN license and APRN authorization expires at 11:59PM on your birthday in even numbered years. Your LPN licenses expires at 11:59PM on your birthday in odd numbered years.
You can renew up to 90 days before expiration. Once you complete the online renewal, we will process your request immediately. The Board no longer prints or mails paper licenses.

Board of Registration in Nursing

The Details

What you need

To renew your nursing license, you must attest, under penalty of perjury, to comply with:

Before APRN renewal

To renew an APRN authorization to practice, you must hold a current MA RN license and have a current certification from a Board recognized national professional organization. Refer to 244 CMR 9.04(4) and 244 CMR 4.05.

Because they are connected, APRNs renew their Board authorization to practice as an APRN at the same time they renew their RN license. If, for any reason, you don't intend to renew your APRN authorization, you must complete a request to remove APRN authorization. Allow 14 days for processing time. Be sure to complete this process before to renewing to avoid paying for APRN authorization because once payment is made, it is non-refundable. Expired APRN does not affect your RN status.

When can I begin practicing? 

You cannot practice with an expired license.
Once your online renewal process is complete, it is immediately processed and is available for verification at Check a License.

The Board no longer prints or mails paper licenses.
The Check a License feature is the most accurate verification of your license and is available 24/7 for you or your employer.  See information on Primary Source Verification.


Name Fee Unit
RN or LN license renewal $120 per renewal
RN with APRN renewal $180 per renewal

How to renew

Renew online up to 90 days before expiration.

Paper renewal forms are available only by request at

When completed, this application can be mailed to:

Mass Department of Public Health
Division of Health Professions Licensure
Post Office Box 414394
Boston, MA 02241-4394

Please do not send as certified mail. It will not be accepted at the Post Office and will cause significant delays.

More info

For help in the renewal process, call the Help Desk at (617) 973-0935.

The following additional fees apply to all Boards of Registrations:



Fee Comments

Late Renewal Fee


per license renewal
(This fee is in addition to renewal fee if renewal is received beyond license expiration date)

Certified Statement of Registration


per licensee

Handling Charge for Returned Checks


per check

Public Information CD-ROM


per item in the form

Additionally, for more information, please see:


239 Causeway St., Suite 500, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02114
Alternate (617) 973-0900
(617) 973-0984


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