File a notice of customer assignment

Information on how to file a notice of customer assignment with the DPU when one competitive supplier seeks to assign or transfer customers to another competitive supplier.

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The Details

What you need

According to D.P.U. 14-14-D, the assigning supplier must provide the following information in its notice of customer assignment to the DPU:

  1. The names and Massachusetts license numbers of the assigning and acquiring suppliers
  2. A brief summary or description of the assignment
  3. A statement as to whether the assigning supplier intends to withdraw its license with the DPU, and if so, when the withdrawal will be filed
  4. An attestation that all customer contracts, subject to the assignment, allow for customer assignment
  5.  A statement that the assigned contracts will maintain the material contractual terms and conditions, including pricing, through the term of the assigned contracts
  6. The expected date(s) of the assignments
  7. The number of customers that the assigning supplier seeks to assign, by customer type (residential or commercial and industrial), and by distribution company service territory
  8. The number of customers with contracts that contain either an early termination fee and/or an automatic renewal provision
  9. A statement that the notice of assignment letter to customers meets the requirements outlined in D.P.U. 14-140-D.

How to file

  • Download the notice of customer assignment template located below
  • File the notice with the DPU no later than 5 business days after the final contract between the assigning and acquiring suppliers has been executed, but not less than 5 business days prior to notice of assignment letters to customers being sent. 

Mail these items to:
Mark D. Marini, Secretary

Department of Public Utilities
One South Station, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

More info

The notice of assignment letter

A notice of assignment letter must be sent to customers at least 30-days prior to the effective date of the assignment and must include:

  1. Name of assigning supplier
  2. Name of acquiring supplier
  3. Expected date of customer assignment
  4. Statement that the assignment will not interrupt the customer’s electricity service
  5. Statement that the assignment is allowed per the terms and conditions of the customer’s contract
  6. Statement that there will be no changes in the material terms and conditions, including price and duration, as set forth in the customer’s contract
  7. Statement that no action is required from the customer for the assignment to occur
  8. Date by which customer inquiries should be made to the acquiring supplier
  9. Contact information for the acquiring supplier if the customer has any questions about the assignment
  10. Statement that a customer may decline to be assigned to the acquiring supplier in accordance with the cancellation provision of his or her contract
  11. Amount of early termination fee, if applicable
  12. A statement that if a customer declines to have his or her contract assigned, the customer will be returned to basic service with his or her distribution company unless he or she chooses to sign a new contract with the acquiring supplier or move to another competitive supplier

Filing a notice of customer assignment under emergency circumstances

  • Under emergency circumstances where the assigning and acquiring suppliers need to complete customer assignments quickly, file the notice of customer assignment with the DPU no later than 1-business day after the final contract has been signed.
  • You must accompany your notice of customer assignment with a cover letter explaining:
    • The nature of the distressed sale
    • Why the 5-day notification requirements could not be met
    • When customers affected by the assignment will be notified




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