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Search environmental data that is available online or make an appointment to review files at the appropriate regional office.

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The Details of File Review at MassDEP

What you need for File Review at MassDEP

You can now review many files and environmental datasets online.

You can also review files at the regional office for the city/town in which the facility/site is located.

How to view File Review at MassDEP


To review environmental data and files:


To schedule an in-person file review, you need to

  1. Identify which facility or site(s) you want to review
  2. Identify where the facility or site(s) are located
  3. Look up the regional office that serves this community*
  4. Contact (follow the link) to that regional office to schedule your file review

*If you already know the appropriate regional office for the facility or sites you wish to review, then you may schedule your in-person file review here:

Contact for File Review at MassDEP

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