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Find out how to request the transcript of a court proceeding.
Rush transcripts usually arrive in 1-7 days and regular transcripts usually arrive within 90 days.

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The Details of Order a court proceeding transcript

What you need for Order a court proceeding transcript

An official transcript is a written record of what's said during a court proceeding, transcribed from an electronic recording by a transcriber or reporter. Transcripts are commonly used by parties seeking review by the appeals court. Approved court transcribers on the Massachusetts trial court list are selected to prepare these official transcripts. 

To order a transcript, make sure you have the proper case information, including: 

  • The name of the case and docket number  Provide the full case name (ex. - Comm. v. John Doe or John Doe v. Jane Smith) and the full docket number, including the county (ex. – SUCR2013-01234 or SUCV2013-56789).
  • The name of the judge and courtroom number — Provide the name of the judge that presided over the case and the courtroom where the case was held.
  • The date and time of your proceeding — Provide the date, start time, and end time of the proceeding. If you don't know the exact start or end time, a.m. or p.m. is helpful in locating the specific case on the audio recording.
  • NAC (Notice of Assignment of Counsel) number — Provide the NAC number if you're ordering an indigent transcript that will be paid for by the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS).

You'll also need to fill out the transcript order form (see Downloads below).

Fees for Order a court proceeding transcript

Estimated costs are based on producing approximately 50 pages of transcript for 1 hour of recording. If the length of your proceeding is 1 hour, multiply that by the respective page rate. A copy transcript can only be ordered if an original transcript has been previously prepared.

If you're determined to be indigent by the court, the state will cover the cost of the transcript.

Name Fee Unit
Rush transcript fee $4.50 per page
Regular transcript fee $3 per page
Rush transcript copy fee $1.50 per page
Regular transcript copy fee $1 per page

How to order Order a court proceeding transcript

To order the transcript by email, email your completed order form to ots@jud.state.ma.us

Next steps for Order a court proceeding transcript

Make a deposit payment

When Transcription Services receives your completed order form, they will process your request by securing the audio recording from the court and selecting a transcriber to prepare your transcript.

Shortly after that, the transcriber will provide you with an estimated cost, deposit payment amount, and expected delivery date. When the transcriber receives your deposit payment, they will provide you with an expected delivery date.

You'll need to provide a deposit payment to the transcriber. The deposit payment to the transcriber must be made within 5 days for Regular Delivery and 1 day for Rush Delivery. If you do not provide the transcriber with the deposit payment within this time frame, your order will be cancelled. When the transcriber confirms your deposit payment has been received, work on your transcript will begin.

Before the transcriber completes your transcript, s/he will contact you for the final payment, which is required before the official transcript is completed and released to you.

More info for Order a court proceeding transcript

After the transcriber has received the audio recording from the court, you can expect a rush transcript within 1–7 calendar days, or a regular transcript within 14–90 days. If the recording is lengthy, rush delivery could take more than 7 days.

To cancel a transcript, you must notify the transcriber in writing and compensate them for the transcript pages produced up until notification.


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