Learn about indigent court proceeding transcripts

Find out what the process for ordering court proceeding transcripts is if you can't pay the fee.

Indigent transcripts

Indigent transcripts, paid for by the Committee for Public Counsel Services, are prepared within 90 days. Deposits and final payments aren't required. When Transcription Services receives the audio recording from the court, a transcriber will be assigned to prepare your transcript.

Transcripts for direct appeals, regardless of cost, paid at the standard rate, and other transcripts under $1,000.00, paid at the standard rate, are considered ordinary costs of litigation, and no motion for funds or prior authorization is necessary.

The Committee pays for transcriptions, which have been requested and allowed by motion, filed by the defense attorney on behalf of his/her indigent client, or which have been requested by the court as a direct result of the defense attorney's motion to appeal, at the following rates:

  • $3.00 per page for an original transcript
  • 10 cents per page for a copy transcript
  • $5.00 for an electronic reproduction

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