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Office of Transcription Services

We provide official transcripts of electronically recorded Trial Court proceedings.

Welcome to the Office of Transcription Services. We are responsible for overseeing the transcription of electronically recorded courtroom audio, making the Court’s official written record from the audio record.

We receive transcript orders from a wide range of individuals, from litigants and attorneys to judges and the general public. We also prepare transcripts for all case types held in any of the 99 courthouses and more than 430 courtrooms from all 7 Trial Court Departments, including Boston Municipal Court, District Court, Housing Court, Juvenile Court, Land Court, Probate and Family Court, and Superior Court.

The Office of Transcription Services is committed to the Trial Court's "One Mission: Justice with Dignity and Speed.” Whether you need to know how to order a transcript, or you have questions about transcription rules in the Trial Court, the dedicated and friendly team from the Office of Transcription Services are here to help make ordering a transcript easier.

Getting started with ordering court transcripts

If you have never ordered Trial Court transcripts or have any questions about what you need to order transcripts or what to expect throughout the process, we recommend you review our website before submitting your order.

Many transcription rules, orders, and procedures are based on who orders transcripts and who pays for the order. If you identify yourself from one of the five options below, we can provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions about your order type.

Frequently asked questions about court transcripts

Learn more about court transcripts, such as the cost and time associated with preparing them.

Ready to order?

If you have no questions about ordering transcripts and are certain you have all the relevant information and court forms for your order type, submit an online transcript order form using this link.

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