Register a Pesticide Product in Massachusetts

Find the information to complete and submit a pesticide product registration application

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The Details of Register a Pesticide Product in Massachusetts

What you need for Register a Pesticide Product in Massachusetts

  • Pesticide Product Application form
  • Product Label
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Payment of Applicable Fee

Fees for Register a Pesticide Product in Massachusetts

The Current Massachusetts Pesticide Product Registration Fees are as follows:

  • New Pesticide Product Registration: $300
  • New Active Ingredient / Product Registration: $750
  • Pesticide Product Renewal Registration: $300
  • Pesticide Product Renewal Late Fee: $100
  • Experimental Use Permit (EUP) Fee: $200

How to submit Register a Pesticide Product in Massachusetts

Completed pesticide product registration forms must be sent to the lockbox address below.

Via U.S. Mail:

Commonwealth of Mass

P.O. Box 417103

Boston, Ma 02241-417103


Via Overnight Mail/Courier Service:

Bank of America Lockbox Services

Commonwealth of Mass - Lockbox 417103


2 Morrissey BLVD

Dorchester, MA 02125

More info about Register a Pesticide Product in Massachusetts

In order to be able to distribute, purchase or use a pesticide in Massachusetts, the product is subject to a Federal and State registration process. The pesticide product must first be registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA).

To be considered for registration in Massachusetts, a completed registration application must be submitted. The registration application must include the Department-approved application form, the final product labeling as attached to the product and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Pesticide Program staff review every pesticide product registration application for compliance with Federal and State laws and regulations. Certain pesticide product registration applications may be pulled for special review by the Department’s technical staff. After the Department processes the application, it is submitted to the Massachusetts Pesticide Board Subcommittee for their consideration.

Massachusetts pesticide laws are more restrictive than those of the U.S. EPA. The State may impose additional restrictions on pesticide product registrations for product use in Massachusetts. Such additional restrictions may include reclassification from general use to State Restricted Use. Such reclassification is routinely done for products containing chemicals on the Department’s Groundwater Protection List.

Pesticide product registrations expire at the end of the State’s fiscal year which runs from the first of July to June 30th in the following calendar year. Pesticide Product Renewal forms and directions are sent to registrants in early May and are due by the June 30th.  All product registrations that are not renewed by June 30th are subject to a $100 late fee per each different EPA Registration number.

Please contact, call or send email, the Product Registration Specialist if you have question related to pesticide product registration.

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