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Renew your IRP registration

IRP registrations must be renewed every year.
The RMV is extending the expiration date for apportioned plates from June 30th until September 30th, 2020.

Registry of Motor Vehicles


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The Details of Renew your IRP registration

What you need for Renew your IRP registration

For 2020 renewals, the RMV is taking a different approach and will be staggering the IRP renewal mailing and assigning customers a specific month to renew.

  • May mailing - Fleets 288770002 to 351880001
  • June mailing - Fleets 20001 to 288760001

All applications will be processed in the order received for the assigned month.  If you do not process in your assigned month, your application will be processed in the order received after the current month. This may cause a delay in receiving your credentials.

The renewal application you receive contains all the carrier and vehicle information currently on file for your account, and includes instructions for completing the application. The renewal application is organized by fleet with a vehicle equipment list and weight table for each vehicle. You will need to complete a renewal application for each fleet in your account. The account number appear at the top of each page of the renewal application.

Note: Your Account number has changed to include the Fleet number.  For example, Account 2089 for Fleet 1 is now “20890001”; for Fleet 2, it is “20890002”.

Fees for Renew your IRP registration

Do not send payment with your application.  You will receive an invoice once your application is processed and all required documents have been received.  Please note on the bottom of Schedule A if you would like your invoice to be emailed or mailed.  If you want your invoice emailed, you must provide your business email address.

Once you have received the invoice, payment can be made by mail or over the phone.

  • If paying by mail, send the invoice and payment to the address listed on the invoice.  Payment can be made by company check, personal check, or money order.  Checks should be payable to MassDOT.
  • If paying by phone, have your IRP Account Number and credit card information available and call 857-368-8120.

How to renew Renew your IRP registration

Applications can be mailed to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles

IRP Section

25 Newport Avenue Extension, 4th Floor

Quincy, MA 02171

The RMV accepts regular overnight mail.  All applications are processed in the order received.  Do not mail applications to an RMV Service Center.


To obtain online access to your IRP Fleet Account, please send a request to the IRP section at

Upon receipt of your request, you will receive a response with two forms to complete and return. 

  • RMV Business Partner Contact Form
  • eServices Administrator Access Form

Detailed instructions for submission will be included with the email. 

Once online access has been set up, you will receive two additional emails.  The first email will include user name and password requirements along with links to the training materials and videos and the portal link.  The second email will include your log on credentials. 

Log on or password issues should be directed to 857-368-7930 or you can email

Contact for Renew your IRP registration

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