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2018 Municipal Rideshare Fund Report

Below, you can discover how each community spent their share of the per-ride assessment funds collected for rides taken in 2018.

Per statute, the Transportation Network Company (TNC) Division of the Department of Public Utilities must collect a $0.20 per-ride assessment on all TNC rides originating in the Commonwealth.  In 2018, there were approximately 81.3 million rideshare trips started in Massachusetts which resulted in a $16.2 million assessment from TNCs. Half of this amount was distributed to MassDevelopment and the Commonwealth's Transportation Fund while the other half was distributed to Massachusetts cities and towns based on the amount of rides started in each community.

Communities that receive funds from the Division must file a report with the Division certifying their use of the funding.  Any community that has determined to bank the funds for future use is not relieved of its obligation to report the spending or proposed spending of the funds once a plan has been developed. 

If your community has not yet reported on the use of these funds, or if you have any questions about the disbursement of these funds, please contact us at DPUTNCReports@mass.gov.

Table of Contents

Featured Reports


Rebuilding Sidewalks ($1,000,000); Restriping Streets ($400,145); Redesigning Key Intersections & Corridors ($644,007); Accelerating Implementation of Key Projects ($275,417); Data Collection and Evaluation Services ($190,000); Creating a Better Pedestrian Experience ($250,000); Expand Access to Quality Transportation Choices ($500,000); Retiming Signals and Training on Adaptive Signal Technology ($145,094); Transit Signal Priority ($100,000); Banked for future use in accordance with the statute ($715,475)


Clean Taxi Retrofit Program: $300,000.00 (expected to be spent by December 31, 2020); Painting of Red Bus Lanes: $250,000.00 (expected to be spent by June 20, 2020); Installation of Bike Lane Delineators: $50,000.00 (expected to be spent by June 30, 2020); Fiscal Year 2020 Vision Zero Capital Funding: $182,758.40 (expected to be spent by June 30, 2021)


Funding for a portion of sidewalk and ramp improvements at the intersection of Main Street and Lighthouse overlook


Temporary speed bumps throughout the City, with special focus on school zones and near retirement homes


Accumulated funds from 2017 and 2018 will be used to purchase a solar powered speed control sign to facilitate safe speeds at various locations in Town, primarily busy intersections


Roadway and cobblestone repairs in the downtown corridor


Purchase traffic & pedestrian safety equipment, including electronic radar speed signs and crosswalk signals

West Springfield

Complete Streets Project - Design services for sidewalk, crosswalks, roadway improvements and drainage issues on Amostown Road and Pease Avenue

South Hadley

Bike and sidewalk improvements consistent with Complete Streets


Transportation analysis on the effectiveness of the existing traffic signals and intersections on Quaker Meetinghouse Road

Complete List of Reports

A list of approved projects and funding amounts, listed alphabetically by community name, can be found here in PDF format.

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