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AMBER Alerts

This page provides an overview of the AMBER Alert system, explaining its purpose, activation criteria, and operation process in order to facilitate the safe recovery of abducted children.

The Massachusetts Child AMBER Alert serves as an emergency alert system established to facilitate the recovery of abducted children. It utilizes the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and various partnerships to disseminate information that can assist in locating the child. The system is named after Amber Hagerman, a child victim of abduction and murder, from which the AMBER Alert system was inspired.

Key Criteria for Alert Activation

There are three essential conditions that must be satisfied for the State Police to activate an AMBER Alert:

  1. A child, aged 17 or below, has been abducted.
  2. The child faces a significant risk of serious harm, injury, or death.
  3. Sufficient descriptive information is available, suggesting that an AMBER Alert could be instrumental in locating the child.

Partnerships and Procedure

The Massachusetts State Police collaborates with a variety of agencies and organizations to disseminate AMBER Alerts promptly and widely. These partners include:

To give you an idea of how the AMBER Alert system works, here's the general process:

Step Process
1 Law enforcement is informed of a potential child abduction.
2 The investigating agency confirms an abduction and notifies the State Police.
3 State Police ensure the abduction meets the AMBER criteria.
4 State Police activate the emergency broadcast system.
5 Local broadcasters interrupt regular programming to share available information.
6 The public becomes vigilant, alerting law enforcement via 911 if they have any information.

Through understanding and participating in this system, we can all play a crucial role in the safe recovery of abducted children.

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