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Asking to be excused from jury duty

Learn how to ask to be excused from jury duty if you're not disqualified.

If you're not disqualified from jury duty but attending would cause you an unusual hardship for another reason, you can ask to be excused from jury duty. 

Ask to be excused at court

You must report to the courthouse on the day of service and speak to a judge if you feel you need to be excused from jury duty for a reason other than one of the 10 disqualifications. Before reporting to the courthouse, be sure you have confirmed your jury service and reviewed the information found on the what you need to know before your jury service page.

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Ask to be excused if you can't make it to court

In very rare cases, if it would be an extreme hardship for you to come to the courthouse at all to ask to be excused, you can submit a written request to be excused under OJC Regulation 9. Common difficulties such as inconvenience, no childcare, or business obligations don't qualify. The regulation applies to cases such as:

  • People living in religious orders that restrict outside travel 
  • People with rare medical conditions that prevent them from leaving their homes

If you believe you qualify for an extreme hardship disqualification, you must explain your circumstances in writing, sign it, and send it to:

Operations Manager
Office of Jury Commissioner
560 Harrison Avenue, Suite 600
Boston, MA 02118

You should submit your request at least 30 days before your date of service to allow time for review, action, and notification of decision.

Contact   for Asking to be excused from jury duty


(617) 422-5869


Street Address
560 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA 02118
Mailing Address
560 Harrison Ave., Suite 600, Boston, MA 02118

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