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Bulletin #22-02 - COVID-19 Emergency Guidance Concerning Practice of Physician Assistants

In an effort to reduce regulatory burden for DMH Licensed Entities during the COVID-19 pandemic, but to assure continued adequacy and safety of the Inpatient Facility milieu, we are issuing the following guidance to implement COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Order No. 2022-02 concerning the practice of Qualified Physician Assistants.

DMH Licensing Bulletin #20-04R - COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance

Updated November 16, 2020 - In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, this bulletin highlights current regulations and policies that support behavioral health patients leaving Emergency Departments as soon as possible once it is determined that a psychiatric inpatient level of care is required. In recognition of the vital role of acute psychiatric facilities in providing safe appropriate care for individuals in psychiatric crisis, DMH is highlighting licensed facilities’ obligations to admit and treat patients meeting admission criteria within their license class. The Department of Mental Health (DMH) is also enhancing its capacity to provide assistance through the Expedited Psychiatric Inpatient Admission process (EPIA), so we may all play our role in keeping patients and health care workers safe.

Bulletin #19-01 - Clinical Competencies/Operational Standards for DMH Licensed Inpatient Facilit

Bulletin #18-01R – New Unit Conditions and Denial of Inpatient Care Regulations

November 23, 2018 (Revised March 23, 2023) - This Bulletin, and the attachments hereto are issued pursuant to Department of Mental Health (DMH) regulations 104 CMR 27.03, which establish DMH’s role, through its licensing function, to help assure that “individuals in need of mental health services are able to access those services in a timely manner and from a geographically reasonable location,” and further that “[f]acilities licensed in accordance with 104 CMR 27.00 … must be operated so as to meet the mental health needs of the Commonwealth as a whole as such needs may be determined from time to time by the Department.”

Bulletin #17-01 - New Investigations Regulations 104 CMR 32.00

January 10, 2017 - This bulletin outlines changes to these regulations to organize material in a manner reflecting how investigations actually flow through the Department.

Bulletin 16-01RR - Use of Telepsychiatry to Comply with 24/7 Physician Coverage/Designated Physician

Revised 4/28/2023 - This bulletin, which was revised April 2023, outlines the criteria and procedures for use of telepsychiatry by DMH Licensed Inpatient Facilities to comply with provisions of 104 CMR 27.00 that require 24/7 Designated Physician or Qualified APRN coverage for admission examinations by Designated Physicians or Qualified APRN for individuals admitted pursuant to GL ch. 123 § 12(b), including assessment of capacity when such individuals wish to apply for conditional voluntary status; and/or, in limited in lieu of an in-person examination by an authorized physician within one hour of restraint or seclusion provided that the episode of restraint or seclusion has fully resolved before one hour has elapsed. The 2023 revisions involve the incorporation of additional providers who are able to provide services such that the term physician has been replaced with Designated Physician or Qualified APRN. The function name has also been changed from Telemedicine to Telepsychiatry.

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