Cost Savings Due to Toxics Use Reduction Case Studies

These companies have documented cost savings as a result of conserving resources, or, reducing or eliminating their use of toxic or hazardous chemicals.

Cost Savings Case Studies A-Z

912 Auto Center

This auto shop has achieved annual cost savings by switching to a less toxic paint spray gun cleaning system and reducing its use of lacquer thinner.


Acushnet Rubber Company

The company realized annual savings of almost $2 million as a result of toxics use reduction.


Allston Collision Center

As the result of an onsite solvent recycling machine, Allston Collision Center diverts 160 gallons of paint thinner from being disposed of as hazardous waste per year saving the auto shop $1,280 in paint thinner purchasing and approximately $650 in hazardous waste disposal.


ChemGenes Corporation

The company experience net savings of $215,000 through the end of 2012 as a result of its efforts to reduce solvent use and improve efficiency.


Columbia Manufacturing Inc.

Columbia Manufacturing has saved $3 million in water and sewer fees, among other cost savings, by upgrading the plating equipment and integrating a zero-discharge wastewater treatment system.


Cranston Print Works

The company installed a jet aeration system with injected liquid carbon dioxide to replace the two 4,300-gallon sumps in which wastewater neutralization had previously taken place. This $115,000 project eliminated the annual use of 2.66 million pounds of sulfuric acid. Although financial profit was not the main goal of the project, the company saved about $80,000 per year in chemical purchase and maintenance costs.


Crest Foam

The company eliminated the use of 190,000 pounds per year of methylene chloride by installing an innovative foam manufacturing process called the “Cardio Process”. Since the new process was three times more efficient than methylene chloride and 80% less expensive, there was a raw material cost savings of approximately $50,000 per year.


The J. M. Perrone Company

By switching imaging systems, this printing firm was able to eliminate all of its chemical prepress waste, saving $8,000 immediately.  


Mark Richey Woodworking, Inc.

Mark Richey Woodworking has achieved annual cost savings of over $16,000 by increasing use of water-based coatings and implementing the use of a solvent recycler.


Mike's Auto Body

This auto shop achieved cost savings by switching to a less toxic paint gun cleaning system and a less toxic brake cleaning system.


Olympic Manufacturing

Switching to a new coolant recycling system resulted in the estimated monthly savings $5,065 due to reduced disposal costs.


Ophir Optics

The application of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma strategies and tools has facilitated many “green” initiatives, including toxics use reduction. These initiatives resulted in savings of over $1 million.


Shawmut Corporation

The complete elimination of trichloroethylene (TCE) in 2013 has led to an additional $750,000 in annual savings, which includes savings in the maintenance and operation of the solvent recovery systems, the recovery of valuable floor space, and the handling and controls associated with hazardous waste, such as costs of material handling, hazmat supplies, engineering support, administration, and waste disposal.


Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc.

Stainless Steel Coatings achieved annual savings of over $15,000 due to changes in the production schedule. 

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