Water Conservation and Wastewater Case Studies

These companies have implemented zero water discharge or reduced their consumption of water.

Water Case Studies A-Z

Acushnet Rubber Company

The company now known as Precix implemented a water conservation program to reduce the use of water from 400 million gallons of water annually to 25 million gallons. The company found several ways of recycling water and also implemented water reduction measures in their sanitary facilities (showers and toilets).


BOC Edwards Corporation

This vacuum pump manufacturer, now known as Edwards, improved its quality of service and environmental health and safety performance by installing an enclosed, automated wash system and a closed-loop wastewater treatment unit at its pump remanufacturing center. 


Brittany Dyeing and Printing Corporation

This leader in fabric printing, dying, finishing, and rotary screen engraving, now known as Brittany Global, reduced wastewater discharge by almost 80% and cut water use by over 65%.


Columbia Manufacturing Inc.

This manufacturer of school furniture eliminated the use of 147,000 gallons of water per day in its plating operations and achieved zero wastewater discharge. Total cost savings in water and sewer fees were $3,000,000. 


Cranston Print Works

The company achieved annual savings of over 110 million gallons of water and over $350,000 from the implementation of 25 water conservation projects. These savings are attributed to the CPW’s Water Conservation Team, which was formed in response to the company’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.


F.C. Meyer Company

This cardboard box manufacturer and printer, now known as F.C. Meyer Packaging, significantly reduced wastewater generated when cleaning the printing presses. The improved washing practices include draining and scraping as much ink as possible before washing and minimizing the amount of water used.


GKN Sinter Metals Corporation

This producer of powder and metal components for the automotive industry reduced its consumption of water by over 8 million gallons per year due to the installation of an on-site pretreatment and recycling operation. The pretreatment system also resulted in savings of over $78,000 per year.


The Marlboro Water Conservation Project

This case study highlights successful water conservation projects implemented by four Massachusetts companies with OTA assistance. The combined water reducetions from these four companies totaled more than 10 million gallons per year.


Philips Lightolier

By installing new equipment to reduce water pressure and improve the efficiency of rinsing processes, Philips Lightolier reduced annual water use by 58 million gallons. The cost for the changes was about $65,000 and the payback period was only three months.


V.H. Blackinton & Co.

The company conserved 5,000 gallons through a closed-loop cooling water system and modified their wastewater treatment system.

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