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Court contact information

How to contact the courts by phone and email during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Trial Court help line

Get general court information through the Trial Court Help Line

The Trial Court has established a Help Line that the public can call to ask general questions about their civil and criminal cases and help them navigate the court system.

Supreme Judicial Court

Full court

For help with matters before the full court, contact the Clerk’s Office for the Commonwealth at or call (617) 557-1020.

Single justice

For matters in the single justice session, contact the Clerk’s Office for the County of Suffolk at or call (617) 557-1100.

Appeals Court



(617) 921-4443

Trial Court departments


Trial Court department email addresses


You can look up the courthouse that serves your town or county on the Courthouse Locator page.

Phone numbers are listed at the top of every courthouse page.

Report concerns

The Trial Court’s COVID Operations Committee has established a form to receive input from court users or court staff related to any aspect of court operations that may be causing a concern at this time of heightened anxiety.

Concerns can be submitted using the form found at the following page: Notify the Trial Court of Concerns during COVID-19

Date published: August 20, 2020