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COVID-19 Cases, Quarantine and Monitoring

Information about COVID-19 cases and residents subject to quarantine in Massachusetts, testing at the State Public Health Laboratory, and guidance for clinical laboratories.

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COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts

COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts as of April 9, 2020  
Confirmed cases of COVID-19 18,941

View case details and a summary of lab testing: 
COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts as of April 9, 2020 | Doc

This chart will be updated daily by 4 p.m.

Please note: To protect privacy and confidentiality of individuals who test positive for COVID-19, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health only publicly reports positive case counts and deaths by county. The decision to share more detailed case counts by community rests with each city or town, based on the assessment of the situation in their own communities. DPH only asks local boards of health to respect the privacy and confidentiality of residents when providing community case counts.

Previous daily charts are available here: Archive of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts

Massachusetts residents subject to COVID-19 quarantine

Massachusetts residents subject to COVID-19 quarantine by current status as of April 7, 2020*  
Total of individuals subject to quarantine 13027
Total of individuals who have completed monitoring (no longer in quarantine) 5402
Total of individuals currently undergoing monitoring/under quarantine 7625

*Data are accurate as of 4/7/2020 at 5pm.

This chart will be updated each Wednesday by 12 p.m.

Testing at the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory

On March 13, DPH issued a guidance letter for testing of persons with suspect COVID-19 through the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory: COVID-19 PUI Criteria PDF | Doc

The State Public Health Laboratory has obtained federal approval to use an automated platform to perform one piece of the complicated COVID-19 testing process: the extraction of viral genetic material from patient oral and nasal swabs. This removes the necessity to rely on paper reports and manual entry.

This new system will enable Massachusetts to more quickly and effectively test and report out test results.  It means the SPHL and clinical/commercial labs will be able to report their test results electronically.  This in turn will automatically make test results available to state epidemiologists, clinicians who have ordered the tests, and to local boards of health.

As of February 28, the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory received approval to begin testing patients for COVID-19, in accordance with guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Clinicians who have patients they think may have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 who meet the current CDC definition of a Person Under Investigation can contact DPH to discuss their patients and receive authorization to submit specimens for testing. Testing at the State Public Health Laboratory will speed up obtaining test results for Persons Under Investigation and expedite ongoing testing of any confirmed case in recovery. For more information, view DPH's Statement on the start of COVID-19 testing by Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory.

Guidance for laboratories

DPH has outlined guidance for clinical laboratories regarding clinical and epidemiologic criteria for COVID-19, specimen collection, testing, and submission to the Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory: COVID-19 Guidance: Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory FAQ PDF | Doc