Archive of Chapter 93 COVID-19 Data

Reports from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH)

To comply with the COVID-19 reporting requirements in Chapter 93 of the Acts of 2020, nursing homes, rest homes, assisted living residences, and intermediate care facilities for persons with an intellectual disability reported on COVID-19 cases and deaths among residents and staff and provide this information to DPH within 24 hours of case or death identification. Data is reported through the REDCap system. Chapter 93 was rescinded on December 04, 2023.

These data are posted in response to Chapter 93 of the Acts of 2020, and includes testing, case, and death data and relevant demographics. The reports began July 1, 2020.

Chapter 93 data reports are posted as they become available, Monday to Friday. As of July 12, 2021, the documents are archived by the date of posting. The date(s) that each report covers are listed on the file itself.

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