Viral Respiratory Illness Reporting

The following dashboards provide data on contagious respiratory viruses, including acute respiratory diseases, COVID-19, influenza (flu), and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in Massachusetts. The data presented here can help track trends in respiratory disease and vaccination activity across Massachusetts.

All respiratory disease related dashboards will be updated to include information about the 2024-2025 season starting on August 1.

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Topline Indicators

Note: This file contains all of the data used in the interactive graphs on this page. The data are updated throughout the respiratory reporting season (July to June). At the end of the season this file will be archived, and a new file will be uploaded for the following season. If you are looking for the full data sets, see the files linked in each section below. 

Respiratory Illness Reporting

The Respiratory Illness Dashboard provides data on the following: 
Emergency department visits Hospital admissions 
Visits due to acute respiratory disease Visits due to COVID-19 
Visits due to influenza Visits due to RSV 
Patient demographic characteristics Comparisons to previous seasons 

COVID-19 Reporting

The COVID-19 Dashboard provides data on the following:
COVID-19 casesPatient demographic characteristics
City & town dataCounty data 
COVID-19 deaths 

Influenza Reporting

The Influenza Dashboard provides data on the following:
Influenza activity levels Influenza-related deaths 
Lab testing Influenza related hospital visits
Activity by region  

Wastewater Surveillance Reporting

The Wastewater Surveillance Dashboard provides data on the following:
SARS-CoV-2 detection 
Areas covered by testing operations 
Average concentration values

Immunizations for Respiratory Diseases

The Immunizations for Respiratory Diseases Dashboard provides data on the following:
COVID-19 vaccinations 
Influenza vaccinations
RSV vaccinations and monoclonal treatment

Other Respiratory Disease

The Other Respiratory Disease data provides information on testing for other respiratory diseases at SPHL.

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