COVID-19 Self-Test Distribution

Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency and Massachusetts National Guard to Deliver Tests to more than 100 Municipalities.

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Massachusetts distributes 2.1 million Self Tests to more than 100 cities and towns

Massachusetts has secured 2.1 million iHealth Labs over the counter (OTC) at-home rapid antigen tests which were distributed to more than 100 municipalities with a larger proportion of families facing financial hardship. These OTC rapid antigen test kits will serve as another tool to combat COVID-19 in the Commonwealth.

How communities were selected

The 102 municipalities in the Commonwealth with the highest proportion of families living below the Federal Poverty Level are receiving iHealth Labs OTC at-home rapid antigen test kits. All twenty of the Commonwealth’s most disproportionately impacted equity communities were included by these criteria. In total, the 102 municipalities account for nearly 3.7 million Massachusetts residents.

Each city or town will determine how best to distribute tests within their community, with an emphasis on increasing access for individuals and families who are facing financial hardship.

About the testing kits

The iHealth Labs COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits can be done at home. They are a fast, easy and convenient way to test for COVID-19. The tests can be completed in 15 minutes without the need to send a sample to a laboratory. Mobile phones or computers are not needed for any part of the test. Individuals 2 years of age and older can use the tests regardless of vaccination status or whether or not they have symptoms.

At-home rapid antigen test kits will be distributed proportionally across the 102 communities according to the proportion of their families below the  Federal Poverty Level threshold. Distribution to municipalities will be run by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency in partnership with the Massachusetts National Guard.

Residents can also visit local pharmacies or order online to purchase rapid test kits on their own, as needed.

COVID-19 rapid tests are one of many risk-reduction measures, along with vaccination, that protect you and others by reducing the chances of spreading COVID-19.

Statewide contract resources for antigen test kits

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts continues to take steps to ensure access to COVID-19 at-home rapid antigen test kits, which are a critical tool to mitigate transmission of COVID-19. As demand for these test kits remains high across the country, the Operational Services Division (OSD) has shared guidance to ensure that buyers such as municipalities, educational institutions, and other entities looking to purchase rapid test kits for distribution to their constituents understand all options available to them.

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