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DRAFT Priority Habitat Map Public Viewer

In accordance with the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA), M.G.L. c. 131A , and its implementing regulations (321 CMR 10.00), the Division of Fisheries & Wildlife will hold a sixty (60) day comment period for the public to review and submit comments on a proposed updated version of the Priority Habitat map.

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Reviewing & Commenting on the Map

The Public Comment Period has closed. 

Please see Regulatory Maps: Priority & Estimated Habitats for additional information and to view the published maps.

Updates to the Map

We re-evaluate the map every 4 years. The current map was released August 1, 2021 (the 15th Edition Natural Heritage Atlas).

Updates are generally due to the following factors:

  • changes to the MESA species list and observation occurrences
    • species are added or removed from the list
    • new observations are accepted into our database
    • areas mapped from old observations (greater than 25 years) are removed
  • latest research about habitat utilization
  • evaluation of regulatory outcomes
  • improved aerial photographs

Additional Resources

Next Steps

Within thirty (30) days after the close of the public comment period, we will determine whether any modifications to the proposed Priority Habitat map are appropriate.

We will post the final Priority Habitat map, together with a summary response to public comments and a summary explanation of any significant modifications to the proposed updated map, on our website within thirty (30) days of the determination of whether any modifications to its proposed updated Priority Habitat map are appropriate.

We will also make available the final updated Priority Habitat map to the public electronically as a geographic information system (GIS) data layer.

Please see Regulatory Maps: Priority & Estimated Habitats for the most recent information. 




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