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Driving resources in Massachusetts

Some resources are available to support older adults, people with disabilities, and low-income commuters in driving affordably and safely in Massachusetts.

Table of Contents

Older drivers

Older drivers and safety resources - information and resources from the RMV

Drivers with disabilities

Driving can expand mobility:

  • Video about a man with Down Syndrome who learned to drive - hear about his experience in his own words, as well as his parents' perspective

Some programs are available to support people with disabilities in learning to drive:

Driving schools and assessment programs in Massachusetts:


VA grants for vehicles and adaptive equipment

Car ownership programs


Carsharing is an option for people who need to drive sometimes, but not regularly enough to justify owning a car. Carshare members can rent cars by the hour or by the day. Carsharing companies operating in Massachusetts include:

Peer carsharing allows people who own cars to rent them to neighbors:

Paying for driving expenses

Grants and funding streams that may be able to help pay for driving and other transportation expenses



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Date published: April 27, 2020