DTA Domestic Violence Services

If you are now or have ever experienced domestic violence, the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) can help.

DTA has a team of Domestic Violence Specialists from diverse backgrounds with a lot of experience. There is a Domestic Violence Specialist covering every DTA Office, and they are available to assist you. 

Domestic violence doesn’t have to be a physical act. It can be verbal, emotional, financial, physical, and/or sexual abuse. It is often defined as the use of power to control the relationship.

If after hours, call SAFELINK at 877-785‐2020 (TTY line at 877-521-2601).

Domestic Violence Specialists

DTA's Domestic Violence Specialists can help you with support, safety planning, and referrals to your local resources.  They work with all DTA programs and can assist you in navigating DTA benefits, safely choosing child support options, and if needed, they can help you find safe housing options. 

Domestic Violence Specialists also work side by side with DTA workers to ensure that DTA is aware of any safety issues that you need to be addressed. They will also connect you to supports that can lead to long-term safety and stability.

Domestic Violence Specialists can also help with waivers of certain TAFDC program rules, if necessary. These rules include:

  • The work program
  • The time limit
  • School attendance for teen parents
  • Cooperating with child support


Contacting DTA

If you want to reach the Domestic Violence Specialist that covers your office, you can ask your DTA worker to refer you or you can call the DTA Assistance Line. Spanish speaking specialists are available, as well as professional interpreter services for over 100 other languages. 

To speak with your local Domestic Violence Specialist:

1. Call the DTA Assistance Line at 877-382-2363

2. Listen to the options and press the number for your language

3. Select 2 for a domestic violence specialist

4. Enter your 5 digit zip code

If you a cash benefits applicant/recipient, you can also call your case manager.

If after hours, call SAFELINK at 877-785‐2020 (TTY line at 877-521-2601).

Additional Resources

Statewide Resources

Visit the Mass.gov mobile-friendly map for statewide help, including housing, legal resources, employment assistance, and area Rape Crisis Centers. The page has an escape link located at the top of the page. 

Find more resources available.

Contact   for DTA Domestic Violence Services


Get case information and make certain updates to your case 24/7 via the automated prompts. Talk to a case manager between 8:15am-4:45pm, M-F.

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