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Early Intervention (EI) Hearing Specialty Services

Specialty Services for children diagnosed as Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Early Intervention (EI)

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Hearing services

Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing are eligible for EI services based on their diagnosis. EI programs contract with Specialty Service Provider (SSP) agencies to provide services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing infants and toddlers in the EI system. EI service coordinators discuss SSP services with families. If the family is interested, they follow a referral process to one or more SSPs that the EI program contracts with.

Services SSPs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing provide to children and families:

  • Direct services from a specialist working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing children to support communication development (individualized auditory, speech and language sessions)
  • Assessments
  • Parent Infant Programs
  • Sign Language Classes
  • Individualized Parent Education and Support
  • Consultation and training for early intervention staff
  • Co-visits with EI professionals

Find an Early Intervention hearing provider

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Family TIES of Massachusetts, Central Directory (800) 905-8437

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Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition, Main Office (617) 624-6060

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To refer a child to early intervention, call Family Ties or use the “Find a Program” directory Find a Program 
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