Electronic Requirements - Beginning January 1, 2022

Some taxpayers will be required to e-file tax returns and electronically submit informational filings and payments to the Department of Revenue beginning on or after January 1, 2022.

Page updated: July 14, 2022.

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Register your Business with MassTaxConnect

If you have been complying with Massachusetts tax laws on paper, you will need to register with MassTaxConnect to file returns or informational filings electronically. You can also make payments electronically through MassTaxConnect.

You will find information on what is needed to register for an account on MassTaxConnect on the website. Video tutorials and other resources are available to assist you with registration and other processes on MassTaxConnect. Register now to save time when your first filing is due.

Technical Information Release

Periodically the Department of Revenue announces expanded requirements for electronic filing and payment of taxes for certain filers.  The expansion of such rules reflects the advances in technology that have led increasing numbers of taxpayers to do business electronically.  Electronic filing offers many benefits to both taxpayers and the Department.  For more information on the requirements set to begin January 2022 see the Technical Information Release.

Please check back for more information on the new requirements.