E-file and Pay Your MA Personal Income Taxes

E-filing is the fastest way to file your Massachusetts personal income tax return and get your refund from DOR. Learn what e-filing and payment options are available and what you will need.

Posted: September 16, 2022

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E-filing and paying online is fast, safe, accurate, and provides electronic confirmation. 

90% of taxpayers e-file their Massachusetts personal income tax return and receive their refund faster than if filed by paper. 

Listed on this page are options you may have to e-file your personal income tax return — including:

Please note: DOR does not endorse or recommend any particular tax preparation software vendor.

Free e-file options (see if you qualify)

The following vendors have provided qualifying Massachusetts taxpayers with an offer to e-file for free through the Free File Alliance program.

It’s important that you use the link directly below each offer to connect you to the free software option.


Free federal and MA tax preparation & e-file for all who live in MA with an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $32,000 or less. This offer is limited to three (3) free tax returns per computer.

Visit the 1040NOW Free File Alliance offer.


IRS Free File program delivered by FreeTaxUSA

  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $41,000 or less, or
  • Active Duty Military with an AGI of $73,000 or less

Visit the FreeTaxUSA Free File Alliance offer

IRS Free File Program delivered by TaxAct

  • Adjusted Gross Income of $65,000 or less, and
  • Age 56 or younger, or
  • Active Military with Adjusted Gross Income of $73,000 or less

Visit TaxAct's Free File Alliance offer.


OLT Online Taxes

Online Taxes at OLT.com would like to offer free federal and free state online tax preparation and e-filing if your Federal Adjusted Gross Income is between $16,000 and $73,000 regardless of age. 

Activity Duty Military with adjusted gross income of $73,000 or less will also qualify.

Visit OLT's Free File Alliance offer.  


Federal Qualifications

At least one of the following must apply to you in order to qualify:

  • Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is $39,000 or less
  • You are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  • You are an active duty member with an AGI of $73,000 or less.

Visit TaxSlayer's Free File Alliance offer.


E-file and pay with MassTaxConnect

Fillable forms are no longer available. If you used fillable forms in the past, you may use MassTaxConnect to file for free.

Do you need help filing your return in MassTaxConnect?

The guidelines will walk you through the steps. There is also a video tutorial.

You can use this free option if you have:

  • Been a Massachusetts resident for the entire tax year and
  • Filed a Massachusetts return in the past completing schedules seen in the guidelines.

If you can’t e-file with MassTaxConnect, you may still be able to use:  


  • You are required to file a Massachusetts Nonresident or Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return (Form 1-NR/PY), or
  • You have to complete a schedule not listed in the guidelines.


If you can’t make your personal income tax payment in full, pay as much as you can with your tax return. 

Tax payments can be made on MasstaxConnect with:

  • Your credit card (for a fee) or
  • ACH debit from checking or savings account.

If you are not registered for MassTaxConnect but need to make a payment:

  • Go to MassTaxConnect
  • Under "Quick Links" select “Make a Payment
  • Select “Individual Payment Type” and select "Next"
  • Enter your SSN or ITIN and phone number (in case we need to contact you about this payment)
  • Choose the type of tax payment you want to make and select "Next".
  • Choose the amount you want to pay and your payment method and select "Next".  
  • Review your payment and select "Submit".

Estimated tax payments

Individuals and businesses can make estimated tax payments electronically through MassTaxConnect

For more information visit DOR Estimated Tax Payments.

Approved self-prepared e-filing options (tax year 2021)

The following vendors were approved by DOR for individually prepared tax returns.

Please note: Some of these vendors offer free services (if you qualify) not affiliated with the Free File Alliance Program.

If you do not see a vendor listed, kindly contact them directly. 

What you need to e-file and pay

When preparing to e-file your tax return or make a payment, you will need some or all of the following:

E-file a return

  • Copies of last year’s federal and state tax returns
  • Personal information including:
    • Legal name(s)
    • Birth date(s)
    • Social Security number(s).
  • Records of your earnings (W-2 forms from each employer or 1099-MISC forms if you’re a contractor)
  • Records of interest and dividends from banks (1099 forms: 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, etc.)
  • Proof of health insurance (1099-HC, 1095-B, etc.)
  • Records of tuition payments and student loan interest paid (1098-T)
  • Record of received Social Security benefits (SSA-1099)
  • Record of received pension or annuity
  • Unemployment compensation statements (1099-G)
  • Total child care expenses and child care provider information, including:
    • Legal name(s)
    • Employer ID
    • Social Security number(s).
  • Total rent paid, as well as landlord or rental agent’s name and address
  • Receipts or canceled checks for items such as:
    • Medical expenses
    • Mortgage interest
    • Charitable contributions if you’re itemizing deductions.
  • Bank account and bank routing numbers if having a refund direct deposited.

Make a payment

You can choose from several different payment options:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH Debit) 
  • Credit card
  • Check or
  • Money order.

You will need the following:

  • Your legal name
  • Your Social Security number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification number (ITIN)
  • Your payment voucher if you are making a bill payment.  


If you have to file and/or pay on paper, visit the Current tax filing season overview page.


Tax Department: Contact Center hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

  • (617) 887-6367 or 
  • (800) 392-6089 (toll-free in Massachusetts).

For more ways to connect, visit Contact DOR.

Do you have a question about your tax account?

If you are registered, log in to your MassTaxConnect account and send DOR a secure e-message. 

Do you need to register with MassTaxConnect?

On the upper right-hand side of MassTaxConnect's home screen:

  • Select Sign Up
  • Select Create My Logon.
MassTaxConnect sign up screen

You may also register by clicking on Register a new taxpayer under Quick Links.

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