Emergency SNAP benefits

Find out what we need to know to determine if you are eligible for emergency SNAP benefits.

Emergency SNAP benefits are for SNAP applicants that need food assistance within 7 days. These benefits are typically issued for one month while applicants gather the verifications that the Department needs to approve a full SNAP application

Overview of emergency SNAP benefits

When you apply for SNAP benefits, case managers will screen you for SNAP eligibility and assess your household circumstances during the interview. Emergency SNAP benefits are issued if the applicant appears eligible and answers “yes” to one or more of the following questions:

  • Does your income and money in the bank add up to less than your monthly housing expenses?
  • Is your monthly income less than $150 and is your money in the bank $100 or less?
  • Are you a migrant worker and is your money in the bank less than $100?

If you are approved for emergency SNAP benefits

Applicants who are eligible for emergency SNAP benefits will receive a letter confirming the amount they are eligible for. The letter will explain what verifications are needed to make a decision for ongoing SNAP benefits.

Like regular SNAP benefits, emergency SNAP benefits are issued on an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. Applicants must use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use the emergency benefits.


If you are not approved for emergency SNAP benefits

If you are not approved for emergency SNAP benefits, you might still be eligible for monthly SNAP benefits.

If you have questions about why you were not eligible for emergency SNAP benefits, or you disagree with the decision, let the Department of Transitional Assistance know by contacting the DTA Assistance Line at (877) 382-2363.

If you are facing immediate hunger, your local food bank can provide information on pantries and local programs where you can get access to free food. Visit our website on how to find a local food bank.

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Get case information and make certain updates to your case 24/7 via the automated prompts. Talk to a case manager between 8:15am-4:45pm, M-F.

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