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Enforcement of Massachusetts’ Appliance Efficiency Standards

How DOER will enforce Massachusetts' Appliance Efficiency Standards, codified at 225 CMR 9.00. This includes a link to the form the public can use to report a potential violation.

DOER published 225 CMR 9.00 in the Massachusetts Register on December 24th, 2021.  It prevents certain products that waste energy and water from being sold or installed in Massachusetts.  Anyone can report a potential violation of the regulation to DOER.  This page provides guidance for the public for how to report violations.

For more information on what the law requires, please refer to the statute, regulation, and guideline.

Table of Contents

Who has an obligation to comply?

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers, online and in-person
  • Installers

What products are covered?

Details about what products are covered are available at our Compliance Page for Sellers and Installers.

What is considered a violation?

Manufacturers must:

Manufacturers may not:

  • Ship uncertified products to Massachusetts for final sale in Massachusetts.  They may ship to an in-state distributor for final sale in another state.

Distributors may not:

  • Sell uncertified products for installation in Massachusetts

Distributors may:

  • Have non-compliant product on their shelves if they sell to other states

Retailers may not:

  • Sell uncertified products for installation in Massachusetts

Online retailers may not:

  • Allow delivery of non-compliant products to a Massachusetts address.  However, they may have non-compliant products on their sites for sale in other states.

Installers may not:

  • Install uncertified products in Massachusetts

What should I do if I think I noticed a violation?

If you observe a business with an obligation to comply with 225 CMR 9.00 committing a potential violation, fill out an Appliance Standards Potential Violation report

Please attempt to document the potential violation as thoroughly as possible.  Helpful documentation may include:

  • Photos
  • Copies of sales material
  • Copies of invoices
  • Screenshots
  • Dates, times, and locations observed
Date published: December 23, 2022

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