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EOTSS Annual Report 2022: Guiding Principles

EOTSS works in an integrated and collaborative approach with secretariat and agency partners to promote the Guiding Principles outlined below.

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These Guiding Principles reflect the Administration’s priorities of ensuring the continuity of government services, improving the citizen-centric digital experience, strengthening our cybersecurity posture, and modernizing our legacy technology infrastructure. 

Together, they help move the Commonwealth toward the following strategic goals (among others): 

  • Deploying a common enterprise architecture and Standard Operating Environment (SOE) 

  • Reimagining customer engagement, success, and fulfillment 

  • Enabling a modern workplace in support of a hybrid workforce 

  • Modernizing legacy IT infrastructure, core networks, and hosting solutions   

  • Unifying enterprise security operations, vulnerability management, and incident response 

Holistic Strategic Planning

EOTSS has organized a holistic, enterprise approach to IT strategic planning for all secretariats. It evolves from an organization’s mission and vision to the specific goals they hope to achieve over a 24-month time horizon. Secretariats then identify the strategies and initiatives they will deploy to reach their specified goals.  

This approach synchronizes secretariat IT strategic planning with the annual IT Capital Planning process as well as the EOTSS statewide IT planning process.

The EOTSS “Top 10”

All secretariat and agency strategic plans, programs, projects, and initiatives must take into consideration the following “Top 10” priorities from the EOTSS statewide IT strategy.

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EOTSS Top Ten Priorities

Enterprise Objectives & SOE Architecture

All secretariats and agencies must also account for the following EOTSS enterprise programs, projects, and initiatives as part of their strategic planning:

  • The Modern Workplace Program (MWP) Standard End User Set up – A laptop (equipped with Windows 10 and Office Pro Plus with OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams), monitor, docking station, keyboard, and mouse. 

  • Other MWP projects and workstreams (e.g. personal and group file Migrations to SharePoint and OneDrive, email migrations). 

  • Consolidation of the Active Directory into Azure AD.  

  • One Network Consolidation – Redesign and build of CORE Network and WAN Optimization. 

  • MassVoice Enterprise Solutions – Migration to the secure, private-cloud Unified Communications service tailored exclusively to MA state and local government clients. 

  • Enterprise Cybersecurity Framework, Operations, and Incident Response and Reporting. 

  • One Service Desk – Moving toward One End-User Organization. 

  • Infrastructure Hosting – Strategies for moving out of state-run data centers and modernizing legacy IT infrastructure (Hybrid Cloud, On-premises -3rd-Party Hosting, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). 

  • Application Rationalization – Prioritization for modernizing, replacing, or upgrading key business applications and readying for migration to approved hosting solutions. 

  • Enterprise Print Services – Moving to a vendor-agnostic enterprise managed-print solution for multi-function devices located in agency offices and facilities.

The Road Ahead

Along with the IT Capital Investment Principles, the EOTSS Top 10 and the enterprise objectives included as part of the SOE rollout provide agencies with a framework to ensure the continued availability of government operations and the efficient delivery of services to the residents, businesses, and visitors of the Commonwealth.

The goal is to work towards a Commonwealth where all public services are accessible, reliable, and available wherever and whenever needed.

Moreover, the EOTSS Guiding Principles and holistic planning approach will help agencies to promote technology solutions that enable for optimizing business processes, protecting constituent data, and improving the overall digital government experience.

The goal is to work towards a Commonwealth where all public services are accessible, reliable, and available wherever and whenever needed.

Date published: May 10, 2022
Last updated: May 10, 2022

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